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Navigating Love, Life, and London: Dionne Brown Leads in ‘Queenie’ TV Series Adaptation

This adaptation of Candice Carty-Williams's celebrated novel, featuring its protagonist Queenie, lacks both fun and humor.

Queenie is a new TV series adaptation of Candice Carty-Williams’ novel of the same name, released in 2024.

The lead role of the series, Queenie, Dionne Brown has played as the protagonist Queenie Jenkins, marking her first major lead performance.


  • “Queenie” is a new television series adaptation of Candice Carty-Williams’ novel of the same name, released in 2024.
  • Dionne Brown portrays the protagonist Queenie Jenkins, marking her first major lead performance.
  • The series follows Queenie, a 25-year-old British Jamaican woman, navigating her personal and professional life in London after a breakup.

The series follows Queenie, a British Jamaican woman, in the aftermath of a breakup as she navigates her personal and professional life in London.

Reviews of the adaptation have been mixed, with some critics praising Brown’s performance but criticizing aspects like chemistry between characters and writing quality.

For Brown, landing the role of Queenie was a significant learning experience, as she aimed to portray the character’s complexity and loneliness faithfully.

However, the portrayal of Queenie falls short of delivering on these descriptors, as viewers are presented with a rather bland protagonist facing mundane challenges.

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Disappointing Depiction Of Queenie’s TV Adaptation Portrayed By Dionne Brown

In the television adaptation of the popular 2019 novel “Queenie,” the nominal character is described as angry, quirky, and too much.

The story begins with Queenie experiencing a miscarriage during a gynecology appointment and a relationship-ending argument at her boyfriend’s family gathering.

Throughout the series, she struggles to rebuild her life, heal from heartbreak, advance her career, and adjust to new housemates.

Even though she deals with lots of small but hurtful comments about her race and gets insensitive remarks from her ex’s family, the show feels like it’s trying to be funny and dramatic, but it doesn’t quite get there.

As her mental well-being worsens, Brown’s narration shows how she constantly thinks about not being good enough and being called “too much” by her ex.

In terms of Queenie’s professional growth, the show portrays the lead as someone whose potential is overlooked, with her ideas for articles dismissed despite her belief in their brilliance.

Brown has standout moments in her portrayal, particularly in conveying Queenie’s heartbreak, although her chemistry with her partner, Tom fails to convince audiences of their relationship.

Even though the TV show tries to show Queenie dealing with professional challenges and personal journeys, it doesn’t capture the same humor and realness that people loved in the original book.

Additional Information

  • Dionne Brown, the actress portraying the lead role, hails from North London and is one of five siblings.
  • While thrilled about her role in Queenie, Dionne has expressed nervousness about filming intimate scenes, particularly due to their rapid succession.
  • Despite the impactful opening scene at the gynecological appointment, which highlights the scrutiny black women face regarding their bodies, the show loses some of its edge as it progresses through eight episodes.
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