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Bridgette Porter’s Story Covered In 7News Spotlight

Mr. Porter wants his daughter to be remembered as a gifted poet, artist, and musician with a brilliant mind and much to offer.

Many people are furious because the person responsible for Biddy Porter’s demise has been identified but wrapped in shades.

There’s speculation that Biddy Porter‘s cousin might be involved, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Additional Information

  • In 2020, Biddy Porter layed motionless as the 14-year old teenager took life of her.
  • Following the horific incident, cops arrested the culprit but was released after the mental health review.
  • One of the twitter user beleive that the forbidden culprit in none other than Biddy Porter cousin.

The uncertainty is adding to the frustration felt by many, including Biddy’s grieving parents, Rebekah and Dominic Porter.

Today marks four years since Bridgette took her last breath.

Last May, the Porters discovered that the individual responsible for Bridgette’s demise had been granted escorted day leave from their treatment facility.

The news deeply shocked Ms. Porter. She also expressed frustration that the authorities suppressed Bridgette’s name, preventing her from publicly discussing her daughter’s story.

But, thankfully, the 7News Spotlight unveiled the disheartening tale and enraged many viewers with it.

Biddy Potter Story Has Been A Hush-Hush Terrifying Tale

In 2020, her promising future was tragically cut short by a 14-year-old whom she had played with.

According to NSW law, the name of a victim child of homicide cannot be disclosed publicly without parental consent.

The person who took her life was handcuffed shortly afterward.

In 2021, the culprit was found guilty of homicide but deemed not criminally responsible.

They receive treatment in a specialized health facility for criminals, and their identities cannot be disclosed due to legal restrictions.

As a result, one person expressed frustration that when a teenager commits such a serious crime, the courts and media should be able to name them publicly.

This person believes it’s unjust. They argue that no one in the country would object if the girl responsible received a minimum sentence of 20 years.

They feel that too many juveniles escape serious consequences, and they dismiss concerns about youth justice advocates who advocate for leniency due to mental health issues.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user has spoken out, suggesting that Biddy Potter’s killer might be her cousin, whereas others have chosen to remain silent.

Amidst the silence surrounding the story, another person questioned why details about the 14-year-old perpetrator and her parents were initially published but are now kept secret.

They noted that while the girl’s name isn’t revealed, most people know who she is and her relationship with Biddy.

They condemned the teenager’s actions as heinous and voiced concerns about public safety if she is ever released.

Therefore, people are asking how to support Biddy’s parents and calling for a Coronial inquiry instead of being handled by the mental health board.

They believe Biddy deserves justice and a voice in this matter. #JusticeForBiddy

Additional Information

  • After Bridgette’s murder, each of her parents received $7,500 in recognition payments and some counseling support.
  • The traumatic circumstances of Biddy’s demise have prevented the first police officer on the scene from returning to work.
  • While many details are still unknown, an important report by 7NEWS Spotlight will reveal the timeline of events and the killer’s confessions.
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