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The Boys: Billy Butcher Abducted Sameer Shah Aka Omid Abtahi To Make Supe Virus

It was revealed that Sameer Shah, aka Omid Abtahi, was abducted and cut his leg off.

45 years old, Omid Abtahi was born on July 12, 1979, in Tehran, Iran.


  • Dr. Sameer Shah’s role is played by a famous Iranian American actor, Omid Abtahi.
  • Sameer gets abducted by Butcher to make a super virus.
  • Dr. Sameer had a relationship with Victoria Neuman and had a daughter named Zoey Neuman.

He is an Iranian-born American actor known for his role as Salim in Starz’s original American Gods and as Penn Pershing in The Mandalorian.

Before debuting on TV, he performed on stage in many theatrical productions, including Fraulein Else at the Berkeley Repertory, McCarter Theatre, and Longwarf Theatre.

He is now part of the fourth season of The Boys, appearing in the episode titled “Beware of the Jabberwock, My Son.”

The Boys is an American satirical superhero series created by Eric Kripke based on the comic book of the same name.

Butcher Knew Sameer Can Make Supe Virus

In season 4 of The Boys, Sameer Shah gets abducted by Joe Kessler and Billy Butcher, who want him to create a Supe Virus.

Initially, viewers and Victoria Neuman believed that Butcher may have assassinated Sameer.

Later, it was revealed that Shah is alive, but Butcher cut off his leg to make it seem like he was assassinated by the sheep.

However, Butcher knew that Sameer had previously made that virus as during the meeting between The Boys, Stan, Butcher, and Victoria, Shah revealed that he had once made the virus.

The upcoming episodes will reveal whether Shah will make the virus or not.

But it’s clear that Sameer will play an important role in Butcher’s plan to stop Homelander.

Omid Abtahi Played The Role Of Leading Scientist

Omid Abtahi, aka Sameer Shah, is a leading scientist at the Vought R&D Department.

He is from The Mandalorian, and his role in The Boys’ universe is strikingly similar to that of a Star Wars character.

Shah’s role later changed when he was tasked with testing the supe virus on animals.

He appears in episode 5 after the gang heads to Stand Edgar’s property, which had been turned into a laboratory to test the virus.

His character is specially made for the Amazon series and does not appear in any comic edition of The Boys.

Moreover, Shah is the father of Zoey Neuman (Victoria Neuman’s daughter), who suggests that he had previously been in a relationship with Victoria Neuman.

Unfortunately, the series does not disclose the dynamics between Victoria and Sameer.

Additional Information

  • Actor Omid Abtahi has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2024.
  • Omid Abtahi is married to Sabrina Bolin, a marriage and family counseling trainee at Mitchell Family Counseling.
  • Abtahi completed his graduation from California State University.
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