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Concerns for Serena Lange Future Wife, Amid Allegations Against Justin Sutherland

Justin Sutherland and Justin Lange has only photographed as married couple though they haven't engaged or hitched.

Folks are wondering if Serena Lange, his wife-to-be, is in trouble due to the incident involving Justin Sutherland, who was taken into custody for allegedly being involved in a domestic assault.

The St. Paul chef, Justin Sutherland, has appeared on popular TV shows such as “Iron Chef,” “Fast Foodies,” and “Top Chef“.


  • Justin Sutherland attempted to catch Serena but couldn’t stop the fall from balcony in Bahamas.
  • Serena Lange landed in shallow water, suffering multiple serious injuries including a broken femur, fractured hip, collapsed lungs, and a torn kidney.
  • Sutherland clarified that they are not engaged or married though they did a styled shoot like husband and wife.

Moreover, Sutherland authored the cookbook “Northern Soul” and received an Emmy for his show “Taste the Culture.”

Sutherland launched his inaugural Handsome Hog restaurant in St. Paul’s Lowertown.

Although he’s since left Handsome Hog, he now owns Big E, an egg sandwich shop on Grand Avenue.

Earlier this year, he announced plans to collaborate with the nonprofit Rondo Community Land Trust and his father, Kerry Sutherland, to reopen the cherished Rondo community restaurant Golden Thyme Coffee and Cafe.

Justin Sutherland Supported Serena Lange When She Fell Off The Balcony

Serena Lange is a model who has likely appeared in various fashion shows, magazines, and commercials.

In May, she shared on Instagram about a tragic accident during her vacation in the Bahamas.

On the first night there, she fell from an eighth-floor balcony while leaning over to talk to people below.

Justin Sutherland, trying to catch her, couldn’t prevent the fall, and she landed in shallow water, breaking her femur, fracturing her hip, collapsing both lungs and tearing a kidney.

She was initially treated in a poor-condition hospital in the Bahamas but was later airlifted to a U.S. hospital for surgery.

She underwent a leg operation, received blood transfusions, and had tubes in her lungs.

Similarly, Justin stayed beside her hospital bed as she received treatment.

Though the couple have been dating for a year, they haven’t either engaged or hitched.

In one of his Instagram posts, Justin made it clear,

No, we’re not engaged or married lol. Had a blast modeling for @madalynvermeerphotos during this styled shoot!

However, the styled shoots Justine and Serena participated in gave the impression that they were husband and wife.

After all, The duo appeared in photos together, whether at Top Chef events or the Wolves games.

Serena Lange Could Be Possibly The Victim

On 28 June, Cops responded to a call about a man with a weapon outside a home on Front Avenue in St. Paul.

The man, Justin Sutherland, 39, was handcuffed on suspicion of committing serious domestic assault and making threats of violence.

Similarly, a Reddit user claimed that Sutherland should have faced consequences earlier, alleging he is abusive and struggles with alcoholism.

The user suggested that his reckless behavior while intoxicated caused the incident.

Additionally, they accused him of misusing over $300,000 from a GoFundMe campaign for personal luxuries like vacations, a penthouse, and a luxury car.

In the police statement, when referring to “the woman,” it’s possible they are talking about Serena Lange, given the context of the incident involving Sutherland.

Nevertheless, the statement does not explicitly name Serena Lange or any other individual.

Therefore, any connection or involvement attributed to her in this context would be speculative until officially confirmed

Additional Information

  • Justin and Serena began dating in June 2023, given that the model posted the duo’s picture on that day
  • She has clicked a picture with an American restaurateur and author, Guy Fieri.
  • Serena Lange participated in Swim Week, enduring extreme conditions from freezing snow shoots to runway walks in sweltering 90-degree heat backstage without AC.
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