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Married at First Sight NZ’s Andrew Jury Wikipedia Surges Amid His Sudden Passing

The original Married at First Sight NZ groom, Andrew Jury, recently passed away.

Andrew Jury was a contestant on the first season of Married at First Sight New Zealand. Tragically, Andrew has recently passed away at the age of 33.

His co-stars, Brett and Angel Renall and Benjamin Blackwell announced his unexpected death in a joint Instagram post.


  • Andrew Jury, a contestant on “Married at First Sight New Zealand,” tragically passed away at the age of 33.
  • Andrew was born to his parents, father, Roy Jury, who resides in Brisbane, and his mother.
  • He married Vicky Gleeson-Stokes on the show but they faced challenges and separated before the finale.

They mentioned,

We had the absolute pleasure of filming and participating in a show that left us intricately linked for a lifetime.

Angel Renall and Benjamin Blackwell

“Everyone from our series is in shock,” said Daniels, who featured with Jury in the first New Zealand series in 2017.

Daniels mentioned that he caught up with Jury every couple of months and spoke to him recently. “He seemed to be aware of his issues and was getting help.”

Daniels has previously addressed the mental health implications of participating in reality television shows.

Andrew Jury’s Sudden Passing Saddened His Parents, Father Roy Jury and Mother

Andrew Jury was an outgoing and spontaneous individual based in Auckland. He was known for his multifaceted talents as a builder, entertainer, musician, and writer.

He gained public attention when he appeared in the first season of “Married at First Sight NZ” in 2017, describing himself as friendly, charismatic, and impulsive.

Andrew was born to his father, Roy Jury, and his mother, whose name has not been revealed.

Andrew’s father, Roy’s Facebook profile shows he lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Despite living apart from his parents in Auckland, he often showcased his love for his family on social media, sharing unforgettable moments such as birthdays and vacations.

His father, Roy Jury, posted about Andrew’s passing on Facebook.

He confirmed the circumstances of his son’s death to the Herald, expressing concerns for Andrew’s mental state prior to the Thursday court hearing.

Roy stated that his family is “bewildered” and “deeply saddened” by his son’s death.

He mentioned that Andrew had been arrested on April 2 and had informed his family that he was “struggling” in prison.

It should have been a red flag when Andy stopped communicating with family and friends. I and Andy’s extended family and friends are deeply saddened and bewildered by this distressing event.

Roy Jury

In addition to his family moments, Andrew frequently shared his passion for fishing and his vibrant lifestyle.

Despite his public persona, he maintained a degree of privacy about certain aspects of his life, especially his close relationships and is yet to be mentioned on Wikipedia.

Andrew Jury’s Journey on “Married at First Sight NZ” and Criticism of the Show’s Ethics

At 26, he gained public attention by appearing in the first season of “Married at First Sight NZ” in 2017.

Despite facing personal struggles, Andrew was always friendly and the life of the party during his time on the show.

Andrew was paired with Vicky Gleeson-Stokes, and the two married on the show.

However, they faced difficulties and didn’t agree, leading to their separation before the finale.

A year after their appearance on “Married at First Sight NZ,” Andrew spoke out about the show, questioning its ethics and the authenticity of its matchmaking process.

He expressed that he and Vicky were complete opposites and did not fit the requested criteria, raising concerns about contestants’ conditions during filming.

Additional Information

  • Andrew’s friends from the show, including the entire cast, wish to extend their deepest condolences and love to his family – Ben, Angel, Brett, Vicky, Haydn, Lacey, Claire, Dom, Aaron, Luke, and Belinda.
  • Warner Bros. Discovery, the global media and entertainment company that broadcasts Married at First Sight in New Zealand, informed the New Zealand Herald that “wellbeing protocols” had been established for cast and crew.
  • A spokesperson for the company stated, “Warner Bros. Discovery extends our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Andrew Jury.”
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