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Suranne Jones As The Bold Detective Amy Silva In The Submarine Drama Vigil

No other actor other than Suranne Jones could have played Amy Silva as flawlessly!

In the series Vigil, actress Suranne Jones plays Amy Silva, the Detective Chief Inspector in the Scottish Police Service.

Vigil is a Police crime drama revolving around the entrapment inside a submarine that was released on BBC One on 29th August 2021.


  • Suranne Jones’ portrayal of DCI Amy Silva showcases a dedicated and resilient detective who faces personal fears and traumas while solving complex murder cases.
  • The second season moves from the submarine to a new setting in Australia, with Amy and her partner Kirsten Longacre tackling drone warfare.
  • Amy Silva’s relationship with Kirsten deepens, resulting in the birth of their baby, which hints at a happy ending.

The show is known for breaking BBC ratings records after it aired in the summer of 2021 in the UK.

The second season of the series, created by Tom Edge, begins when Amy is assigned to investigate a peculiar murder case of a sailor inside the submarine.

Unfortunately, she gets trapped inside it, along with the murder suspects and the real killer.

There is no doubt that more murders will follow onboard with the real culprit moving around, but the question was whether claustrophobic Silva would make it out alive or not, let alone solve the mystery that followed.

Warning: This Post Contains Spoilers!

Vigil (2021)

The disappearance of a Scottish trawler and a death on a Trident sub led to police clashing with the Navy and British security.


Crime Drama Mystery Thriller

Amy Silva Proves Dedication Toward Her Profession By Returning To Police Force

Silva was born in the North West of England and later relocated to Scotland.

In the first season, she fights her inner demons to catch the culprit, putting her life at risk multiple times.

She tries her best to place her fear of water, claustrophobia, and the trauma of losing her husband away from her professional mission as she struggles to face the inevitable.

Her contribution to catching the real murderer is exemplary, as she fought for a long time without giving up.

Despite having near-death experiences, they would have been legends without her subordinate DS Kirsten Longacre’s help; she returns with a bang in the second season.

The second season is set in a fictional town in Australia called Wudyan, rather than on a submarine.

This is where Amy Silva returned, taking a different route through the British Armed Forces, the Real Air Force.

Season two kicks off with a new investigation led by the determined and enthusiastic duo of Amy and her partner Kirsten Longacre, portrayed by the talented Rose Leslie.

Together, they delve into the world of drone warfare in pursuit of a cunning murderer.

Amy has set a new standard for female characters who are determined, enthusiastic about their passion, and have an affinity for the LGBTQ community.

After seeing Amy, the feminist inside me probably screamed and cheered for her to accomplish the allocated mission.

Her journey of being a surrogate mother and raising her dead husband’s daughter, Poppy, serves as evidence of her firmly grounded motherhood.

Kirsten Longacre And Amy Silva Have Their Baby In The Second Season’s Climax

The second season has its own ups and downs. However, the relationship between Amy Silva and Kirsten Longacre grows even stronger.

Kirsten was expecting a baby in real life, and the writers transformed this reality into the story’s plot because they found it more exciting.

The expectancy showcased a happy ending between the couple after all the tragedy and miseries they had gone through.

The second season’s final episode ends with Kirsten’s postpartum recovery after giving birth to the baby.

Furthermore, Amy is pictured as happy and smiling, returning home with her stepdaughter Poppy, with a feeling of contentment that resonates through the tiny lines formed on her face.

All in all, Amy gets the happy ending she deserves after the irreplaceable loss of her loved ones.

How the second season has ended has any room for season 3, but we never know; writers can come up with even more interesting twists overnight.

Thus, as of 2024, Vigil has not been officially renewed for a third season, but fans desperately anticipate it.

Additional Information

  • Amy Silva’s then-fiancรฉ Ian Torrens died in a vehicle accident shortly before Vigil. The car fled the road and sank into the nearby lake when a vehicle approached them unexpectedly.
  • Suranne Jones has appeared in several films, including A Few Good Men, Blithe Spirit, Top Girls, Beautiful Thing, and Orlando. She is married and has one child.
  • Suranne Jones has an estimated net worth of $5 million.
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