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Anna Stubblefield Picked Up Facilitated Communication From Her Mother, Sandra McClennen

Anna Stubblefield, the convict was herself a victim of domestic abuse?

Anna Stubblefield, an equally famous and criticized name, has taken the spotlight because a docuseries that tells her infamous tale will be released on 14 June 2024.

Anna Stubblefield was a respected Ethics professor at Rutgers University. Despite being in a reputable profession, she found herself engrossed in a controversy with her mentally unable student.


  • Despite the allegations, Anna Stubblefield has proven to be an incredible mother to her daughter Zoe, who courageously spoke for her in the court trial.
  • Anna’s mother, Sandra McClennen, was a first-generation communication facilitator who helped visually impaired and cognitively disabled children speak and perform daily activities.
  • Anna assisted her mother by taking videos during her FC sessions and absorbed some or all of her knowledge.

The upcoming drama series Tell Them You Love Me centers around Anna and Derrick Johnson. It covers why Anna did what she did and how Derrick’s entire family fell into Anna’s well-structured trap.

Anna was one of the most reputable professors in the University who handled the Philosophy department, and she accepted Derrick’s brother’s offer to help Derrick talk again.

As Anna and Derrick were in close proximity, they started to get romantically involved, which was alleged as sexual misconduct by Derrick’s parents because Derrick was incapable of providing consent due to cerebral palsy.

Here is a short glimpse of the series,

Anna Stubblefield Was An Influential Mother For Her Teenage Daughter, Zoe

The docu-series showcases the suffering and desperation of Anna’s daughter, Zoe, who was 16 years old then, as she has to testify on her mother’s case.

During the sentencing hearing, Zoe elucidated her father, Roger Stubblefield, ‘s barely tolerable abuse towards her.

The mother and daughter were the victims of domestic violence, and Zoe spoke in her mother’s favor.

She stated that out of spite and anger, her mother ran off with a disabled man to begin with.

In addition, she described her mother’s kindness and open-mindedness in the best possible way, pinpointing the injustice in her prosecution.

Zoe said,

She is the cleanest and most goody-goody-two-shoes person I have ever met. And now she is gone. Thank you.

Perhaps she made all that up; we cannot vouch for her honesty and Anna’s innocence, but one thing is certain.

For Zoe, Anna was the best mother in the world, and she had won that title through her selfless and incredible motherhood.

Despite being a criminal, this fact remains and will remain stagnant for ages to come.

Anna Stubblefield’s Mother, Sandra McClennen Is The First-Generation Communication Facilitator

Sandra McClennen was a first-generation facilitator who was an assistant of Douglas Biklen, who brought Facilitated Communication to the U.S. from Australia.

She started working with blind and cognitively impaired children in 1963.

Anna was quite familiar with her mother’s work as she served as a videographer for McClennen’s early FC sessions.

Consequently, she manipulated her knowledge of facilitated communication, even while harassing her student, Derrick Johnson.

Therefore, Anna admitted that she employed FC while testifying at her own trial and explained how she had done that.

She did that by showing false hope to the victim’s parents of making him able to communicate with the outside world.

Because Anna used to assist her mother during her sessions, she has a close bond with her, and they help each other out whenever necessary.

However, nothing has been known about her father, not even a single detail till now.

Even when Anna Stubblefield’s court trial made headlines, and she was sentenced to imprisonment for 12 long years, her father didn’t make it to the media.

Additional Information

  • Anna Stubblefield was convicted of sexual abuse in 2015 when she was 46 years old.
  • In June 2017, when she had already served 2 years behind bars, an appeal court overturned her conviction.
  • Anna will turn 56 years old this 2024.
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