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Will Lord Twombley, Cressida Cowper’s Better Half From Book Verse Appear in Bridgerton’s Future?

In “An Offer From A Gentleman,” Cressida Cowper marries Lord Twombley before Colin and Penelope's love story unfolds.

Cressida Cowper (played by Jessica Madsen) is a character introduced in the third season of the popular Netflix series Bridgerton.

She is a young debutante from a noble but impoverished family, who finds herself caught in an uncomfortable situation during the London social season.


  • Cressida Cowper, portrayed by Jessica Madsen, is introduced in Season 3 as a young debutante from an impoverished noble family.
  • Unlike Julia Quinn’s novels, where Cressida marries Lord Twombley, the Netflix series has deviated, leaving Cressida’s romantic future uncertain by the end of Season 3.
  • Throughout the season, Cressida develops a noteworthy friendship with Eloise Bridgerton, which some fans speculate could be queer-coded, though this remains open-ended.

Introduced in Season 1, Cressida hasn’t had luck in love with Prince Friedrich or Jack Featherington. Despite this, she’s hopeful about finding someone this time.

Her parents want her to marry soon, so Cressida sets her sights on Lord Debling, a wealthy and quirky man.

But things get complicated because Debling seems more interested in Penelope, causing tension among them.

Throughout Season 3, Cressida deals with these romantic challenges and develops new relationships, including a complex friendship with Eloise Bridgerton.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Bridgerton Season 3.

Cressida Cowper Marries Lord Twombley in the Books, But Not in the Series

In the Netflix series, Cressida’s storyline has been altered, and as of Season 3, she has not secured a match with any member of the ton.

However, in Julia Quinn’s third book in the Bridgerton series, “An Offer From A Gentleman,” Cressida Cowper marries a nobleman named Lord Twombley.

Lord Twombley is depicted as a member of the aristocracy, and his marriage to Cressida provides her with significant social standing and wealth.

However, Lord Twombley passes away before the events of the fourth book, “Romancing Mr. Bridgerton,” which focuses on the romance between Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington.

As a result, Cressida becomes a wealthy widow with her own financial resources, enhancing her position and influence within society.

It remains uncertain how the show will address Cressida Cowper’s marriage to Lord Twombley or if his character will be introduced in part two or future seasons.

Some netizens might wonder why Cressida didn’t end up with Lord Debling after he turned down Penelope.

It’s because Lord Debling was made up just for the TV show and isn’t in the original books. So, their interactions in the Netflix series are completely new and not part of the book.

Uncertainty and Fan Hopes: Cressida Cowper’s Future in Bridgerton

It’s unclear how the show will handle Cressida Cowper’s marriage to Lord Twombley or if his character will appear in future episodes.

Some fans hope the show will diverge from the books and portray Cressida as queer, possibly entering a relationship with Eloise.

When asked by Decider about fans interpreting Cressida and Eloise‘s friendship as queer-coded, Jessica Madsen said she would “absolutely love that.” She added,

“That would be the best! I think it would make sense because she hasn’t found a guy. So, why not a girl? But I really have no idea.”

However, a relationship with Eloise seems unlikely since the fifth book, “To Sir Phillip, With Love,” is about Eloise’s romance with Sir Phillip Crane.

Fans will have to wait and see what happens in Cressida’s romantic life.

Additional Information

  • Jessica Madsen, the actress who plays Cressida, has gained a significant following on Instagram, with over 193k followers.
  • Jessica recently opened up about being in a same-sex relationship, stating, “I’m in love with a woman.
  • She was born on April 11, 1992, in England and her notable acting credits include the films Leatherface (2017) and Rambo: Last Blood (2019), as well as the TV series Bridgerton (2020-present).
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