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Shantel VanSanten Portrays Becca Butcher, Who Didn’t Cheat on Billy

"The Boys" is a darkly humorous series that exposes corrupt superheroes and the vigilantes aiming to bring them down.

“The Boys” is a darkly comedic and satirical superhero series based on the comic books by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

Set in a world where superheroes, known as “Supes,” are corrupt and commercialized, the show explores themes of power, celebrity, and moral ambiguity.


  • “The Boys” is a series based on Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic books, exploring a world where corrupt superheroes, or “Supes,” are commercialized and morally ambiguous.
  • Portrayed by Shantel VanSanten, Becca Butcher is pivotal. Her disappearance and traumatic past with Homelander drive emotional depth.
  • Becca didn’t cheat on Billy and her ordeal stems from being r*ped by Homelander, leading to her pregnancy and confinement by Vought.

It follows a group of vigilantes led by Billy Butcher, who seek to expose and take down the corrupt Supes, particularly the nefarious corporation Vought International that controls them.

The series delves into complex characters dealing with personal traumas and moral dilemmas while navigating a world where superheroes abuse their powers and manipulate public perception.

In the Amazon series “The Boys,” Rebecca Butcher is portrayed by Shantel VanSanten.

Her character’s storyline revolves around the complexities of her relationship with Billy Butcher and the traumatic events surrounding her disappearance, which drive much of the series’ emotional depth and narrative tension.

Becca Butcher Was Loyal To Billy: The Truth Behind Her Ordeal in ‘The Boys’

In the Amazon series “The Boys,” Rebecca Butcher, known as Becca, is a pivotal character with a complex and tragic storyline.

Becca is portrayed as Billy Butcher’s wife and Ryan’s mother.

Her disappearance in 2012, which led Billy to believe she was dead, fueled his intense hatred towards Homelander, the powerful superhero who r*ped her.

Becca’s career at Vought International as the Senior Director of Digital Marketing placed her near Homelander, Vought’s superpowered figurehead.

At a Christmas party in 2011, Becca introduced Billy to Homelander, unaware of the sinister intentions that would follow.

Homelander forcefully made physical relation Becca in a private encounter, leaving her traumatized and uncertain about how to handle the aftermath.

After discovering she was pregnant with Homelander’s child, Becca sought help from Vought, where she underwent a secretive procedure overseen by Madelyn Stillwell and Jonah Vogelbaum.

Vought’s manipulative tactics included making Becca sign a confidentiality agreement, prohibiting her from revealing anything about the child or the procedure to Billy or anyone else.

For eight years, Becca raised her son Ryan in seclusion within a Vought-operated facility under Dr. Park’s supervision.

During this time, she shielded Ryan from Homelander and the outside world, sacrificing her own freedom and maintaining the facade that she had disappeared or died.

To address the question of whether Becca Butcher cheated on Billy, the answer is no.

The situation she found herself in was a result of exploitation by Homelander, which led to her pregnancy and subsequent confinement by Vought.

Becca’s actions were driven by a desire to protect her son and navigate the dangerous web spun by Vought and its super-powered entities.

Her commitment to Ryan’s safety and well-being underscores her strength and determination in the face of unimaginable circumstances.

Additional Information

  • Shantel VanSanten is an American actress born on July 25, 1985, in Luverne, Minnesota. She gained recognition for her roles in various television series and films.
  • VanSanten’s career began with appearances in shows like “One Tree Hill” (2009-2012), where she played Quinn James, and “The Messengers” (2015), portraying Vera Buckley.
  • Outside of acting, VanSanten has been involved in advocacy work, supporting causes like mental health awareness and empowerment initiatives for women.
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