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Serial-Killer Whisperer Sasha Reid, Aged 36, Acclaimed Psychologist and Researcher

Psychologist Sasha Reid and her team use data to investigate unsolved serial killings and cold cases.

Dr. Sasha Reid is a multifaceted academic and researcher, mostly known for creating one of the world’s most comprehensive serial killer databases.

Sasha Reid got worldwide recognition from the documentary “Sasha Reid and the Midnight Order.”


  • Sasha Reid, 36, was born in 1988 in Dryden, Ontario, and embarked on an academic journey focused on psychology and criminology.
  • Reid had a traumatic childhood after her parent’s divorce, which deeply affected her mentally.
  • The documentary “Sasha Reid and the Midnight Order” propelled Dr. Reid into the spotlight.

The documentary focuses on Sasha’s work and advocacy efforts and highlights her role within a secret society aiming to empower women and seek justice.

It has portrayed Dr. Reid and her colleagues steering complex societal and legal challenges and shows her efforts to bring attention to overlooked cases and support marginalized communities.

Sasha Reid’s Journey From Small-Town Roots to Global Impact Through Research and Advocacy

36-year-old Sasha Reid was born in 1988 in Dryden, Ontario, a small town of fewer than 6,000 people.

When Sasha Reid turned 18, she left Dryden to pursue psychology and mental health studies at the University of Toronto in Scarborough.

She later completed two master’s degrees at the University of Toronto’s main campus.

One focused on criminology and sociological studies, while the other centered on applied psychology and human development.

Her academic journey reflects a dedicated pursuit of understanding psychological and sociological aspects, particularly criminology and human development.

After completing her studies, Sasha Reid spent over five years compiling information on missing persons.

Her extensive database includes data from official Search and Rescue (SAR) reports, the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) database, tips from crime reporters, and input from families of missing individuals.

She has enlisted volunteers from the University of Toronto to assist in this research.

Additionally, she maintains a separate database on serial killers, meticulously documenting over 600 variables related to their behavioral and psychological development since the fifteenth century.

This database is considered the most comprehensive of its kind, focusing on the developmental traits of serial killers.

While Sasha Reid isn’t currently documented on Wikipedia, a new documentary about her life has garnered attention on the platform.

Sasha Reid’s Lived A Traumatic Childhood After Her Parents’ Divorce!

When Sasha Reid was nine years old, her parents got divorced, which traumatized her mental health.

Both her parents married other people, both of whom Reid intensely disliked.

“I couldn’t stand either one of them,” she said, mentioning that she felt rejected, powerless, and thrown out of her family.

Although she is the eldest of four siblings, Reid grew up somewhat isolated. She often found peace alone, exploring the vast forest behind her family’s home.

Pitch-black evenings, no streetlights, the sky covered in a sheet of stars — her countryside home felt removed from civilization. It was like a fable, she said.

Even today, Sasha misses her home, considering it one of the few safe spaces she’s ever known. She mentioned,

The only reason I even decided to get a job was so I could, one day, try to repurchase my home and as if owning my home again will allow me to understand and correct the traumas of the past.

Sasha Reid

During her early schooling, Sasha Reid formed a close bond with her neighbor Chris, whose mother, Teri-Lynn, was a practicing Wiccan.

This encouraged her shared fascination with monsters and the supernatural.

Sasha and Chris explored the woods together, watched horror films, wrote scripts, and discussed topics like witchcraft.

This interest conflicted with Reid’s mother, who held strong Christian beliefs and disapproved.

Additional Information

  • Many of these traits might appear physical, but Reid is more focused on their developmental significance.
  • The primary aim of her databases is to help investigators narrow down suspect lists and predict the time and location of a serial killer’s next move.
  • With Reid’s comprehensive datasets, the next step is to employ machine learning to identify behavioral and characteristic patterns in serial killers automatically.
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