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MD Turner Kufe Speculated to Be Lindsay Hubbard’s Boyfriend and Baby Daddy!

Lindsay Hubbard shared the news of her pregnancy but remained tight-lipped regarding her baby daddy.

Country Star Dustin Lynch is not reality TV star Lindsay Hubbard’s baby daddy. There were rumors about Lindsay dating Dustin, but these have been dispelled.

Summer House‘ star Lindsay’s broken engagement with costar Carl Radke made headlines, and shortly after that, rumors began circulating about her relationship with Dustin.


  • Country star Dustin Lynch clarified in a US Weekly interview that he and Lindsay Hubbard are not romantically involved.
  • At 37 years old, Lindsay Hubbard is expecting her first child with her boyfriend speculated to be MD Turner Kufe.
  • Nine months after ending her engagement with Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard embarked on a new relationship.

During a frank conversation with US Weekly, Dustin Lynch directly addressed the rumors, clarifying their relationship status, and confirmed he is not dating Lindsay Hubbard.

The singer, Dustin, famous for his hit song ‘Cowboys and Angels,’ emphasized his platonic relationship with Hubbard and expressed his contentment with their friendship by mentioning,

“I mean, rumors get started. We’ve been through years of this stuff. We’re great friends. I’m so pumped. She’s got a house here [in Nashville] now that’s doing great. She’s making some new friends here in town.”


Lindsay Hubbard Announces Pregnancy Amid Speculation MD Turner Kufe is the Baby’s Father!

Lindsay Hubbard has announced her pregnancy, sharing the joyful news via an Instagram collaboration with Clearblue.

The Bravo star, aged 37, is expecting her first child with her new boyfriend, whose identity she has not disclosed publicly.

Initially, there was speculation that Eric Cunningham was the daddy of the baby, but later it was clarified that Eric was actually the photographer and not the father of the baby.

In April 2024, during her trip to Europe for a mutual friend’s wedding, new photos emerged showing Lindsay with her alleged “new man.”

Also, during the S8 reunion of “Summer House” in June, Hubbard revealed details about her relationship, mentioning they had gone on a few dates three and a half years ago.

“We actually went on a few dates three and a half years ago. It was just bad timing back then for him and for me and then he kinda popped back up in December and we started dating in January.”


However, netizens now speculate that the man is MD Turner Kufe, as his details align with the descriptions Lindsay provided in her interview, saying, he is a New York City-based doctor who works in biotech investing.

On July 9, 2024, Ashley Marie posted on X (formerly Twitter),

Turner Kufe is currently the Vice President at Royalty Pharma and was previously VP at J.P. Morgan.

However, now that the rumors are out in the open, his LinkedIn account also seems to be no longer available.

So, it looks like we’ll have to wait for the couple to officially confirm these fan theories and speculations themselves.

Hubbard Shared Pregnancy News Nine Months After Ending Engagement With Carl Radke!

The new pairing, a surprising turn of events, comes nine months after Hubbard’s castmate Carl Radke, 39, ended their engagement.

They got engaged in August 2022 and had planned to marry in Mexico in November 2023; however, Carl abruptly ended their relationship in August of that year.

They parted ways following a summer because of the conflicts including disagreements about Radke’s next career step and lack of intimacy in their relationship.

News of the cancelation of their wedding was confirmed in a letter to family and friends.

It’s heartening to see both of them moving forward in their lives. Moreover, Lindsay sharing the wonderful news of her pregnancy adds to the positive developments.

Additional Information

  • Hubbard expressed her desire to start a family, and in 2022, she shared on Instagram that she had begun the process of egg freezing by undergoing hormone injections.
  • Lindsay Hubbard had previously been pregnant while dating Winter House costar Jason Cameron but tragically experienced a miscarriage just 24 hours after learning the news.
  • Lindsay is the President of Hubb House PR and has a significant social media presence, with an active Instagram account, @lindshubbs.
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