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Ash Palmisciano As A Girl Before The Transition Pictures Remains Private

The character, originally known as Hannah (played by Grace Cassidy), returned to the soap as a Ash Palmisciano who had transitioned off-screen.

Folks are curious about what Ash Palmisciano looked like when he was younger and identified as a girl before coming out as transgender.

Ash Palmisciano bravely came out as transgender in 2012 and made history as the first transgender actor to perform on stage at the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company.


  • The actor, Ash was at unease in the girls changing room when he was 8 years old.
  • He has not publicly shared any childhood or earlier pictures of himself presenting as a girl.
  • Ash might be unfortable sharing his before and after transition pictures on media.

Since June 2018, Palmisciano has portrayed Matty Barton, Emmerdale‘s first transgender character, contributing to greater representation and diversity in television.

Initially, ITV1’s Emmerdale hired him as a story consultant for a transgender storyline.

Ash Palmisciano impressed producers so much that they decided to cast him in the soap opera instead.

Palmisciano’s portrayal of Matty was highly acclaimed, earning him the Best Newcomer award at the Inside Soap Awards.

Ash Palmisciano Was Uncomfortable In His Gender

As a child, Ash Palmisciano felt uncomfortable using female changing rooms at age eight and receiving pink napkins with his lunch.

He described feeling like his body was a “bit of a prank” played by the universe.

The actor faced gender dysphoria while growing up and grappling with his identity.

Ash Palmisciano grew up in a loving family that enjoyed holidays and celebrated Christmases together.

When he came out as transgender, it was a shock for his family.

After taking steps to embrace his true identity, Ash found himself again.

He enrolled in a summer acting school for transgender individuals organized by the charity Gendered Intelligence at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

However, Ash has not publicly shared any childhood or earlier pictures of himself presenting as a girl.

It’s possible that he is uncomfortable sharing pictures of himself from before he transitioned.

Those before and after transition images may represent a time when he didn’t feel aligned with his true identity.

Similarly, many transgender individuals choose not to share such photos out of personal privacy.

Ash Palmisciano As Matty In Emmerdale Fulfilled His Dreams

In Emmerdale, Ash Palmisciano’s character, Matty, is portrayed as a trans man without avoiding issues related to his identity.

For example, viewers saw Matty undergo top surgery in April 2019.

Ash emphasizes the importance of showing Matty as a regular person beyond being transgender.

In a 2020 interview with the Metro, he explained that positive representation helps normalize transgender experiences in society.

As a trans actor himself, he believes authenticity is crucial for portraying transgender characters accurately and challenging outdated stereotypes.

Overall, Palmisciano’s role in Emmerdale aims to offer a realistic portrayal that promotes acceptance and understanding of transgender individuals.

Additional Information

  • In early 2022, Ash Palmisciano publicly announced his relationship with his girlfriend, Shea Rowan.
  • He anticipated facing criticism when he took on his role in Emmerdale, but he finds solace in knowing that his portrayal positively impacts others.
  • Ash Palmisciano also played an elf during Christmas because of his shorter height.
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