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Jon Landau Lived A Happy Life with Julie Landau With Almost Four Decades of Togetherness!

Jon Landau's wife, Julie Landau, and sons, Jamie and Jodie, mourn his passing.

Oscar-winning Titanic And Avatar Producer Jon Landau was survived by his wife, Julie Landau, until his demise on July 5, 2024.

Jon Landau, a longtime partner of director James Cameron and a key player in creating three of the highest-grossing films ever, passed away in Los Angeles at 63.


  • Julie Landau, Jon’s wife, is 68 years old and has a rich background in the arts and athletics.
  • The couple married in 1985 and lived in Los Angeles, where they immersed themselves in the film industry.
  • They were proud parents of Jamie and Jodie Landau, both successful in Hollywood and music.

His family announced his passing in a statement released by Disney Entertainment, and Variety mentioned that the cause of Jon Landau’s passing was Cancer.

However, his sudden demise has brought a huge tragedy among his fans and family, especially his wife, Julie, and two kids.

Jon Landau’s Wife, Julie Landau, 67, Leads a Life of Artistic and Athletic Achievements

Julie Landau, the wife of the late Oscar-winning producer Jon Landau, was born in 1956 and is currently 68 years old.

Julie and Jon Landau married on September 1, 1985, and their relationship spanned nearly four decades.

The couple made their home in Los Angeles, California, where they built a life together amidst the vibrant film industry.

Like her husband, Jon, Julie has led a life enriched by personal and professional accomplishments.

She studied at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, graduating in 1977.

Originally from Lindenhurst, New York, Julie attended Lindenhurst Senior High School before pursuing her passion for the dramatic arts.

Moreover, Julie excelled not only in her studies but also in sports. She is an avid recreational tennis player, demonstrating her athletic skills.

In 2020, Jon expressed his pride in Julie’s tennis accomplishments in a heartfelt Facebook post, admiring her dedication and achievements on and off the court.

Jon And Julie Landau Were Proud Parents Of Two Successful Sons In Hollywood and Music

Jon and Julie were blessed with two sons, Jamie and Jodie, who also have successful careers in their respective fields.

Jon and Julie’s elder son, Jamie Landau, has built a successful career in Hollywood.

He was a virtual camera assistant director, acted in Avatar: The Way of Water, and was a second assistant director for Bookaboo.

Jamie has also been part of the additional crew for a significant film like Alita: Battle Angel, where he contributed to the ADR voice cast and worked as a production assistant.

Moreover, Jon and Julie’s younger son, Jodie Landau, is a talented composer, vocalist, and percussionist affiliated with several prestigious groups.

Jodie is part of the renowned Icelandic record label Bedroom Community, the acclaimed modern music collective Wild Up, and the Grammy-winning vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth.

Additional Information

  • Jon Landau was also the CEO of Cameron’s production company, Lightstorm Entertainment, which is known for producing notable films like Solaris and Alita: Battle Angel.
  • After the tremendous success of “Titanic,” Mr. Landau described to The Los Angeles Times in 1998 that he had felt akin to “the mayor of the city” during the film’s production.
  • Regarding the stress of exceeding tens of millions of dollars over budget, Jon remarked that it was “easy to fight for the things we were asking because we believed they were necessary for creating the initial vision of the movie.”
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