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Goon Too Soon: Remembering Best Tamayo Perry Movies And Series

There is a saying people often lose their lives in accidents due to their risky and dangerous jobs. Like it, Tamayo Perry, a professional surfer and also a talented actor, lost his life while surfing in Hawaii on June 23, 2024.

A part-time actor and a full-time surfer, Tamayo portrayed several small yet useful roles in television shows and some world-class movies.

Here, I have made a list of Tamayo’s top 10 movies and shows that will remind us of his great acting and surfing skills.

Moreover, Tamayo may be gone, but this list also shows the wonderful person he was off-screen.

So get yourself a popcorn bucket, relax on the couch, and enjoy watching Tamayo’s amazing performance. Let’s Have Fun!

Tamayo Perry with his wife Emilia
MoviesRelease Date
The Arena: North ShoreSeptember 20, 2019
Beyond the Dream: The Joey Buran StoryJanuary 20, 2009
The Big BounceJanuary 29, 2004
Blue Crush August 8, 2002
Clean BreakJune 13, 2012
Six Days in Paradise2010
The Surfing Life: Big Wave GuardiansJune 21, 2022
The Bridge 2015
Hawaii Five-0September 20, 2010
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesMay 20, 2011

10. The Arena: North Shore


The Arena: North Shore

Each winter, the top professional surfer comes to North Shore to compete in the surfing arena.


Television Series
Release DateSeptember 20, 2019
DirectorJustin Le Pera
CastsAndrew Mooney
Tamayo Perry
Ross Clarke-Jones

The Arena: North Shore is about the adventure of surfing in Hawaii, North Shore, a place with really big waves.

Surfers from every corner of the world visit in the winter to enjoy the greater waves than in other seasons.

This movie shows surfers facing challenges while surfing in the wave Pipeline.

These waves are several meters tall and very scary, and they may take one’s life, but surfers prepare themselves to take on risky adventures.

In the movie, Tamayo Perry is a surfer who shows his awesome skill at riding these huge waves and shares his knowledge of the North Shore.

Tamayo instructs others on how to surf safely at the Pipeline and shows them how to enjoy the thrill of surfing while learning it.

The Arena: North Shore can be a huge treat for movie lovers as it shows the exciting and dangerous sides of real-life surfers.

9. Beyond the Dream: The Joey Buran Story


Beyond the Dream: Joey Buran

The inspiring real life biopic documentary of legendary surfer, Joey Buran.


Docu-Series Realistic Fiction
Release DateJanuary 20, 2009
DirectorsMatt Katsolis
Nic McLean
WritersMatt Katsolis
Nic McLean
CastsDavid Barr
Brian Bielmann
Leah Buran Bradley

Beyond the Dream: The Joey Buran Story is a movie based on the real-life story of a surfer, Joey Buran.

This movie shows Joy winning a big surfing contest, but the victory left him feeling hard-hearted despite the success.

The film shows two parts of Joey’s life: his big win and how he deals with many hard emotions and doesn’t know what to do with himself.

However, after winning and becoming a renowned surfer, Joey feels that surfing no longer brings him real happiness.

Upon discovering being the Pastor, he realizes his joy now is from helping others and decides to follow his happiness by helping others.

In the movie, Tamayo Perry plays the small role of a surfer, but there is no highlight scene of him.

8. The Big Bounce


The Big Bounce

A surfer and a part-time thief get a chance to steal $200,000 from a real estate person.


Action Comedy Heist
Release DateJanuary 29, 2004
DirectorsGeorge Armitage
WritersElmore Leonard
Sebastian Gutierrez
CastsOwen Wilson
Charlie Sheen
Vinnie Jones

The Big Bounce is about a surfer named Jack Ryan who ends up in Hawaii, trying to leave his past behind, but it is not as easy as it seems.

In Hawaii, he meets Nancy, who pulls him into a plan to steal money over $200,000 from her wealthy and corrupt real estate boss, Ray Ritchie.

But Jack soon finds out that Nancy is playing everyone against each other, waiting for them to steal and then taking all the money by herself.

Jack goes to Ray’s house, steals the money from the safe, and sees his face down without moving after his friend Frank shoots him.

The scene sees Nacy as Ray’s killer and tries to escape the island, but Jack stops Nancy and refuses to help her after she has dont with him.

In the end, it’s revealed that Jack was never really part of her plan; he was just another puppet in her game.

7. Blue Crush


Blue Crush

A dedicated surfer girl who wants to compete for a big competition but got distracted after falling for a football player.


Adventure Sports Romance
Release DateAugust 8, 2002
DirectorsJohn Stockwell
WritersSusan Orlean
Lizzy Weiss
John Stockwell
CastsKate Bosworth
Matthew Davis
Michelle Rodriguez

Blue Crush is about surfer girl Anne Marie, who is getting ready for an important competition in Hawaii but lacks the skills of a surfer.

Anne, with her busy schedule of taking care of her sister and working at the hotel, tries to make time to overcome her fear of the ocean, which was caused by a past incident.

But you would be surprised after seeing the dream Anne has been following is abandoned just for someone she loves.

But by the end, she found that the love she was seeking was only attached to surfing and continued to follow her dream again.

In the series, Tamayo Perry plays a professional surfer but doesn’t play a big part in the movie.

6. Clean Break


Clean Break

Its an adventure of three boys coming from different background who risk everything for a lifetime experience on hardcore challenges.


Release DateJune 13, 2012
CastsKevin Kilner (Self Narrator)
Chase Penny
Tamayo Perry
Bear Woznick
James Hal Hardy
Dave Kalama

Clean Break is a reality show about three random boys, Kevin Kilner, Chase Penny, and Steven Helmkamp, who go on an adventure to discover what living is truly all about.

They find out that despite their difference in background, they can form good bonds and support with anyone if it is spent better.

They tackle different hard challenges in front of them without any problems and form a lifelong bond with each other.

In the series, Tamayo Perry plays a surfer but doesn’t have enough screen time to contribute significantly to the show.

Although he is not part of the main cast, he shares his surfing knowledge and life experiences, which adds a cool part to the show.

5. Six Days in Paradise


Six Days in Paradise

A retired gambler who is on search for his daughter and ex-wife and take help from a martial arts fighter to find them.


Action Comedy
Release Date2010
DirectorsJohn Vidor
WritersKala Alexander
Tito Fuego
John Vidor
CastsMichael Madsen
David Carradine
Danny Trejo

Six Days in Paradise is about a retired gambler, Rich McShane, who is searching for his ex-wife and daughter.

Rich sends his friend, a rookie detective, Eddie Masters, to check if his ex-wife and daughter live on Oahu’s North Shore.

While on a mission, Eddie meets and becomes friends with a nursing student, Layla, who has just broken up with her boyfriend, Clarence.

The same night, Eddie is zapped, resulting in him passing out, and later finds himself abandoned in a boat.

He is then dropped off in the ocean, far away from any land, and tries to stay afloat in the dark, full of sharks.

Then, after searching for them for six days, showing his martial arts and surfing skills, he finds Rich’s family in Hawaii, a beautiful place called Paradise.

4. The Surfing Life: Big Wave Guardians


The Surfing Life: Big Wave Guardians

It is the movie about real life surfer who risk everything to save life on them who are in danger and explores about managing their professional and personal life.


Action Comedy
Release DateJune 21, 2022
DirectorsLuke Stirtz
WritersJim Kempton
CastsEddie Aikau
Keala Kennelly
Kelly Slater

The Surfing Life: Big Wave Guardians is a movie about different surfers who stay together as a family and enjoy the big waves from surfing.

This movie shows the highs and lows the surfers face while enjoying the high waves and exploring their way of enjoying the ocean, giving a fresh look to the viewers.

The surfers explain that the real test they face is not just the waves but also their fears and excitement of helping strangers.

It shows how they balance their professional and personal lives, which is usually challenging but can be overcome.

In Tomayo, Perry also discusses his relationship with big waves and the reasons behind starting a professional surfer life.

He opened up about what it means to be a true surfer and how he tackles the big waves while enjoying his life side by side.

3. The Bridge

The Bridge

It is a 20 minute short movie about a boy who lives in a Hawaii jungle but face dangerous consequence after finding a magical bridge.


Action Short-Movie Drama
Release Date2015
DirectorsCindy Iodice
WritersTony Apilado
Cindy Iodice
Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu
CastsMia Adams
Tamayo Perry
Sharon Landon

The Bridge is a short movie about a boy named Pono who lives in a five-story tree house in the Hawaiian jungle.

This movie shows the magical moment Pono started, all because of his interest in it.

But the story gets interesting when Pono finds a magical bridge in the forest, leading him to discover new things about himself

Tragedy strikes Pono’s family, and his mother blames her youngest son for it and repeatedly pushes him away from the family.

Yet, Pono is the future keeper of vital customs that might aid his mother in finding peace between her Christian beliefs and Hawaiian spiritual ways.

The short movie ends with Pono, the heir to critical cultural practices that might help his mother negotiate her Hawaiian spirituality with her Christian religion.

In the movie, Tamayo Perry plays the role of Manoa, who is seen surfing on the beach of the wild Hawaiian outdoors.

2. Hawaii Five-0


Hawaii Five

In the series Steve McGarrett return to Hawaii to catch his dads killer and gets chance to run his own task force, Five-0.


Police Procedural
Release DateSeptember 20, 2010
DirectorsBryan Spicer
Peter Weller
Jerry Levine
WritersPeter M. Lenkov
Alex Kurtzman
Leonard Freeman
CastsAlex O’Loughlin
Daniel Dae Kim
Scott Caan

Hawaii Five-0 is a show about special police officers, the “Hawaii Five-0 Task Force,” who handle the most dangerous criminals and report them to the governor.

In the series, Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) returns to Hawaii to catch his dad’s killer and becomes the leader of this group.

Steve recruits Danny Williams as his partner to unfold the criminal behind it.

Together, they tackle several crimes, from robbers of important documents to killers and even big dangers like terrorism.

But you may be shocked that the criminals they were looking for were connected to their own families.

They uncover the truth behind the intention to commit a crime and discover the hidden truth about their friends and relatives, which shocks them.

In the series, Tamaro Perry plays the small role of Spike/Harrison Dunpohy for just one episode.

His role inspired Hawaii’s culture and showed the crime happening there.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Jack Sparrow and Barbossa goes on a quest to find the fountain of youth, but the journey is not easy as they thought.


Action Comedy SWashbuckler
Release DateMay 20, 2011
DirectorsRob Marshall
WritersTed Elliott
Terry Rossio
Stuart Beattie
Jay Wolpert
CastsJohnny Depp
Penélope Cruz
Geoffrey Rush

The fourth installment to the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, follows Captain Jack Sparrow as he searches for the Fountain of Youth.

Going on the journey, he teams up with Angelica but faces a fearsome pirate, Blackbear, and Barbossa, with whom Jack has already fought before.

They all want to reach the Fountain first. The twist is that the Fountain only works with a mermaid’s tear and two unique cups.

All of them want to reach Fountain first, but their short meet turns into a huge brawl.

Little did they know that the fountain only works with a mermaid’s tear and two unique cups.

In the end, Jack leaves the Fountain behind and chooses to live pirate life again.

Tamayo Perry played a small role as a buccaneer, one of the pirates; however, his role was not among the main cast but was part of the huge pirate community in the film.

Series/MoviesWatch Time Per Episodes
The Arena: North Shore55 Minutes
Beyond the Dream: The Joey Buran Story58 Minutes
The Big Bounce1 Hour 28 Minutes
Blue Crush1 Hour 44 Minutes
Clean Break49 Minutes
Six Days in ParadiseUNK
The Surfing Life: Big Wave Guardians1 Hour 31 Minutes
The Bridge20 Minutes
Hawaii Five-042 Minutes
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides2 Hour 21 Minutes
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