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Bridgerton Cast Michaela Stirling Aka Masali Baduza Has Not Reported Any Illness

Masali Baduza started getting hate and racist comments from fans of Bridgerton.

Masali Baduza has joined the cast of Bridgerton season 3 as Michaela Stirling.

28 years old, Masali Baduza was born in February 1996 in East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa.


  • Masali Baduza, aka Michaela Stirling, has not reported any illness on-screen or off-screen.
  • Her Instagram handle suggests that she is involved in mental health awareness programs.
  • Masali Baduza received hate and racist comments from the fans of Bridgerton.

Masali Baduza is an actress who started her acting career by appearing in the South African crime thriller Trackers, M-Net’s top-performing show, released in 2019.

After appearing as Sephy Hadley in the BBC drama Noughts + Crosses, she came into the limelight.

Masali plays the guest role of Michaela Stirling in the famous series Bridgerton season 3.

Michaela Stirling Is Involved In Mental Health Awareness Program

Michaele Stirling, aka Masali Baduza, has not revealed any type of illness on-screen or off-screen.

In real life, Masali Baduza is involved in mental awareness programs. On May 29, 2028, she uploaded a post related to mental health, saying,

with mental health awareness month coming to an end, check in with your friends & family who are dealing with the struggle. talking about it can be triggering but it’s so lovely to know someone’s thinking of your daily battles. ✨💫

Whenever Masali Baduza feels stressed, she spends time with her pet dog, whom she calls her therapist. She posted her dog’s photo on Instagram, saying,

my lil therapists

However, Masali works out and exercises to avoid any type of disease or health issues.

Her Instagram profile shows that she goes on hikes to the mountains to maintain her mental health.

Masali Baduza Faced Racism In Bridgerton

As South African actress Masali Baduza became a part of Bridgerton, she started getting hate and racist comments from fans of Bridgerton.

Masali’s fans have criticized producer Shonda Rhimes for casting Masali as Michaela Stirling, the character who chases a white woman and begs her to love her.

One fan said,

In a show with zero Black women representation, this is where she felt a Black woman fit best. What a diabolical, sick woman you are, Shonda. Why does the Black girl have to be the gay representation when Eloise is right there?

Moreover, Masali Baduza, in a photo on Instagram, is tackling racism. She captioned,

love in colour 🤎

Fans also commented,

Please take care and don’t listen to any hate darling ❤

One of her fans commented on the support of Masali, saying,

I don’t think you should get any hate, it is not your fault the creators and writers completely screwed up Francesca’s story. They could have created another couple, not messing with the main characters from the books. I don’t see how this will be anything like her story in the book. Don’t shit on the book fans that gave Bridgerton all the hype.

Additional Information

  • As of 2024, the estimated net worth of South African actress Masali Baduza is $500k.
  • Masali received an Associate degree in 2016 from the Los Angeles Campus of the New York Film Academy.
  • Fans speculated that actress Masali Baduza had plastic surgery as her face looked different in the Bridgerton season 3.
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