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Al Cowlings’s Love Triangle with O.J. Simpson and Marguerite Whitley to His Marriage with Marion La Hood In 1993

A Former Magazine Model, Marion La Hood, And Her Secret Marriage with O.J's Best Friend Al Cowlings.

‘TMZ Presents: O.J. How He Really Did It’ is an upcoming documentary based on O.J. Simpson’s murder case and provides some context about Al Cowlings’ involvement in it.

The documentary explores what Simpson’s friend and the driver during the infamous white Bronco chase, Al Cowlings, knows about the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.


  • “TMZ Presents: O.J. How He Really Did It” is a new documentary that focuses on O.J.’s murder case, exploring Al Cowlings’ involvement during the infamous white Bronco chase.
  • Cowlings, married to Marion T. La Hood, a former magazine model, kept their marriage secret for two decades until its revelation in 2016.
  • In a twist of fate, O.J. Simpson previously dated Marguerite Whitley during high school, who was initially in a relationship with Al Cowlings.

It aims to reveal direct connections between the O.J. Simpson case and the house owned by former KCBS reporter Harvey Levin, with Al Cowlings being one of those connections.

Al Cowlings is known for his role in the white Bronco chase, where he drove the vehicle with O.J. Simpson as a passenger after the murders.

After the release of this documentary, there’s been heightened interest in Al Cowlings’s details. Here’s everything we know about him.

Al Cowlings Concealed Marriage With Wife Marion La Hood for Two Decades

Al “A.C.” Cowlings, famously known as O.J. Simpson’s friend and the driver during the infamous 1994 white Bronco police chase, is married to his wife, Marion La Hood.

A former magazine model, Marion T. La Hood quietly married Al Cowlings in a secretive ceremony held in Las Vegas during the summer of 1993.

Their marriage was initially kept confidential, but it was revealed to the public in 2016, marking 23 years of secrecy.

While it’s known they married in Las Vegas, specific information about their family life, including their children, remains undisclosed.

Marion T. La Hood is described as very private by a long-time neighbor in Hawthorne, CA.

This neighbor, upon learning about Marion’s marriage to Cowlings, expressed surprise, indicating that Marion keeps her personal life discreet, and said,

“I’ve known her for years but I only recently found out she was married to Cowlings and I couldn’t believe it myself. I was shocked!”

The Unlikely Love Triangle of O.J. Simpson, Al Cowlings, and Marguerite Whitley

In a twist of fate, O.J. Simpson dated Marguerite Whitley during high school, who was previously in a relationship with Al Cowlings.

According to Romper, Cowlings sought Simpson’s help to mend his relationship with Whitley, unintentionally bringing them closer together when they were having difficulties.

…Cowlings asked Simpson to talk to Whitley when the two were having trouble. It wasn’t long after that Simpson and Whitley began dating. While this initially angered Cowlings, their friendship prevailed.

Cowlings was said to be upset initially, but he and Simpson later patched things up, and they continued to be close friends and trusted each other over the years.

Moving in from the initial tension, Simpson and Whitley eventually started dating and married on June 24, 1967.

They had three children together but divorced in 1979 when they were still young. Sadly, their youngest child died in a drowning accident.

Their two kids, Arnelle and Jason Simpson, and ex-wife Marguerite were also present during a brief hearing on July 10 before the defense called its first witness in O.J.’s double-murder trial.

However, Marguerite Whitley has never spoken publicly about O.J. Simpson’s infamous case and prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

Additional Information

  • Al Cowlings later became the godfather of Simpson and Marguerite’s son Jason and stood as a groomsman at Simpson’s wedding to Nicole Brown in 1985.
  • Cowlings was born in San Francisco on June 16, 1947, and raised in its Potrero Hill neighborhood.
  • According to TMZ, Cowlings reportedly threatened to sue FX during production if he was portrayed negatively.
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