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Johnny Canales Was Married To Nora Canales For Almost Three Decades

Johnny hosted a show alongside his wife, Nora Canales for years.

Juan José Canales, aka Johnny, was a Mexican Tejano singer and renowned host of “The Johnny Canales Show.”

He played a pivotal role in Selena’s early career, facilitating one of her first live performances before her 13th birthday and arranging Selena y Los Dinos’ initial concerts in Mexico.


  • Johnny Canales was married to Nora Canales, and they had two daughters together.
  • Nora and Johnny’s relationship blended personal and professional aspects, focusing on entertainment and community engagement.
  • Johnny’s legacy, alongside Nora’s support and involvement, underscores their dedication to the entertainment industry and their lasting influence on their fans and community.

In 1974, as a radio DJ, Canales significantly boosted the career of Ruben Naranjo through extensive airplay.

The family of Tejano music icon Johnny Canales confirmed his passing at 77 on Thursday via his Facebook page.

After news of Johnny Canales’ death spread, there was increased interest in his wife and other personal details.

Johnny Canales is survived by his wife, Nora Canales. Here’s everything known about her and their career together.

Nora Canales’ Wikipedia Surges Amidst The Passing Of Her Husband, Johnny Canales

Johnny Canales was married to Nora, and they made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. Nora Canales might be in her 60s.

Moreover, Nora and Johnny were blessed with two daughters, Miroslava Canales and Zelestial Canales.

After hosting his own show for many years, the couple launched El Nuevo Show de Johnny y Nora Canales in 2010, which aired for three years.

Following the show’s conclusion, Nora and Johnny engaged with their audience by live-streaming on Facebook every Sunday.

In 2022, they created a YouTube video urging fans to support their GoFundMe campaign to revive their popular show.

On Thursday, June 13, Nora announced Johnny’s passing in a Facebook post.

Though she did not disclose the cause of death, she reflected on Johnny’s profound influence throughout the years.

Nora has a diverse background rooted in Eagle Pass, Texas. Nora has worked at JLB Y Compañia, showcasing her professional skills in the industry.

Currently residing in Eagle Pass, Texas, Nora is actively involved in her community and committed to various creative endeavors.

Nora and Johnny’s relationship extended beyond personal life into a shared professional journey.

They endeavored to entertain and connect with their audience through various media platforms.

Johnny’s legacy and Nora’s active involvement and support reflect their dedication to the entertainment industry and their enduring impact on their community and fans.

Additional Information

  • Johnny Canales significantly promoted Tejano music and culture through his TV show and as a musician.
  • In 2009, LULAC awarded him the “Veteran of the Year” award for his work on behalf of the G.I. Forum.
  • Nora Canales described her husband as “more than just a beloved husband, father, TV host, and entertainment icon.
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