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Benedict Cumberbatch’s Role As Vincent Anderson Depicts Tremendous Character Development In Netflix’s Eric

Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal as Vincent Anderson saved the series from collapsing!

Abi Morgan’s Eric was created to linger in the viewers’ memories long after its end.

The series begins with the disappearance of the protagonist, Vincent Anderson’s nine-year-old son, who doesn’t return home from school.


  • Vincent Anderson undergoes a significant transformation after his son’s disappearance, struggling with mental distress and substance abuse but ultimately seeking redemption and becoming a better father.
  • The hallucinated creature Eric plays a crucial role in Vincent’s journey. He helps Vincent empathize with his son, ultimately leading to a heartfelt reunion demonstrating the power of imagination and love.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance as Vincent has been highly praised. He makes his character relatable and adds depth to the series, contributing significantly to its lasting impact on viewers.

Following his son’s disappearance, major changes occur in Vincent’s life that he had never imagined before.

Benedict’s role as Vincent has brought a new dynamic to the series, and he is blooming as an actor.

He has received tremendous praise and appreciation for his acting, and due to his exceptional acting, he is considered the major attraction of the entire series.

Vincent thought he had completely recovered from his bad habits, but as misery struck, he found the opposite of what he had thought about himself.

Warning: This Post Contains Spoiler!

Eric (2024)

Vincent, a distraught father dealing with his son’s disappearance, finds comfort in his friendship with Eric, the monster residing under Edgar’s bed.


Drama Crime Thriller
Released DateMay 30, 2024
CastsGaby Hoffmann
Benedict Cumberbatch
Dan Fogler
WritersAbi Morgan
DirectorsLucy Forbes

Vincent Gets Stuck In The Swamp Of Psychological Distress After Edgar Goes Missing

Vincent Anderson, portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch in the Netflix series Eric, is a desperate father who undergoes a significant transformation throughout the show.

Vincent is a puppeteer and the lead creative on Good Day Sunshine, an accomplished Sesame Street-style children’s TV show.

After his son disappears, he struggles through mental and psychological distress, and he re-enters the loophole of substance abuse.

In addition, the already fragile relationship with his wife, Cassie, starts going downhill as they hold each other responsible for Edgar’s so-called kidnapping.

Moreover, Vincent sinks into a state of madness, experiencing hallucinations and losing touch with reality.

He starts imagining a large, foul-mouthed animated creature inspired by the spectacles that his son, Edgar, wears.

The creature is called Eric and becomes his companion during his psychic meltdown.

Benedict’s role as Vincent could have been totally charmless, but he turned the table and transformed a completely boring character into one full of charm and one that the audience could relate to.

Vincent Dresses As Eric And Publicly Apologizes To His Son In The Final Episode

Vicent’s hallucination of Eric didn’t completely harm Vincent’s character development.

Rather, it made him more empathetic and enabled him to see the bigger picture through Edgar’s eyes.

Despite being indulged in darkness, he got back up and figured out what he needed to do in the real context to bring his son back.

In the last episode, it is revealed that Edgar, who was suspected of being abducted, actually ran away.

After Vincent faces the truth, he comes up with an idea to make up with his son so that he will return home and won’t repeat the same mistake again.

His actions bring the story in full circle as he dresses as Eric, who is, in fact, the puppet designer created by his son, and publicly apologizes, leading to a teary reunion.

The father-son duo apparently reconcile at the end, and all the credit goes to their mutual affinity for creating characters and the puppet Eric.

Ultimately, in the climax, he sought rehabilitative help for his addiction and behavioral patterns as he intended to become a better father and human being.

Thus, Vincent shows positive development as he faces and wins the battle against his internal demons, hinting toward a happy ending.

Although he fails to reunite with his wife, the character’s overall growth is a win-win as he is willing to accept his flaws and embrace change.

Additional Information

  • Eric has amassed an IMDB rating of 6.3 out of 10.
  • In the first half of the series, Eric, the animated puppet, reveals Edgar’s whereabouts, while Edgar’s parents and Detective Ledroit are left in the dark until the very end.
  • Eric is not based on a specific true story but multiple missing cases in New York City during Abi Morgan’s stay.
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