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A YouTube Video Suggests That Zac Oyama Was Fired From Dropout

Zac Oyama talked with TechRaptor about Fantasy High Junior Years and the history of Gorgug.

36 years old, Zac Oyama was born on August 22, 1987, in Birmingham, Alabama, United States.


  • A YouTube video titled “Help Us Fire Zac Oyama LIVE!” suggests that Zac Oyama is fired from Dropout.
  • Recently, Zac appeared in the show named “Very Important People” as Tommy Shriggly.
  • He is seen performing with his Harold team, Yeti.

He is famous as a former writer and cast member of CollegeHumor, appearing in and writing numerous sketches and shorts for the channel.

Moreover, Zac has appeared in other CollegeHumor and Dropout projects, such as Adam Ruins Everything, Dimension 20, and WTF 101, where he worked as a voice actor for a character named Brad.

Before joining CollegeHumor, he worked as a production assistant at Key & Peele.

Dropout’s CEO Finds Reason To Fire Zac Oyama

The official YouTube channel of Dropout posted a video on December 13, 2016, titled “Help Us Fire Zac Oyama LIVE!” which suggests that Zac Oyama was fired.

As of 2024, the video has over 500k views. In the live video, Dropout CEO Sam Reich asks fans to give reason to fire Zac Oyama.

There were too many funny reasons passed by fans to fire Zac Oyama. One of the funniest comments was, “He used too much shampoo while taking a shower.”

Another comment is, “Zac Oyama types 2k16 instead of 2016.” Zac also apologized and said he wouldn’t repeat those mistakes.

A fan named Zekeriya Ibrahim commented that Zac Oyoma doesn’t have a beard. The last comment was, “He claps his hands together too much.”

Zac felt irritated and disgusted hearing the reasons and comments. So, he leaves the CEO’s room, clapping his hand.

However, it is unclear whether he has been officially fired.

Zac Oyama Appeared On “Very Important People”

On March 1, 2024, Zac Oyama posted a photo on his official Instagram handle with the caption,

Thank u to everyone who watched the @veryimportantpeopleshow I’m in. Tommy was always inside and it was freeing to show him to the world. He lives on in my heart and on the shelf where I keep his nasty little ears

The post suggests he is working on the show called Very Important People. He appeared as Tommy Shriggly in the 1st episode in 2024.

Currently, he travels to places like Dublin and London for shows. Moreover, Oyama is seen performing with his Harold team, Yeti.

Additional Information

  • Zac Oyama has an estimated net worth of $500k as of 2024.
  • Oyama is married to wife Phoebe Neidhardt. She loves to play video games.
  • Zac Oyama was born to his father, Yasuhiko Ōyama.
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