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V. Stiviano, Not Pregnant, but in the Limelight Again with FX’s “Clipped”

The FX series revolves around the LA Clippers racism scandal from 2014, which centered on the team's owner and his former mistress, V. Stiviano.

In 2014, V. Stiviano made headlines across major media outlets due to her involvement in the Donald Sterling tapes controversy.

She recorded Sterling’s racist remarks, which, combined with her unpredictable behavior in later interviews, made her a tabloid sensation.


  • V. Stiviano gained widespread attention in 2014 due to her role in the Donald Sterling tapes controversy, where she recorded Sterling’s racist remarks.
  • Rumors about Stiviano’s pregnancy or illness resurfaced with the release of “Clipped,” though there is no concrete evidence to support them.
  • Stiviano was reportedly attacked and injured in a racially motivated incident outside a Manhattan hotel, resulting in the arrest of one suspect, Dominic Diorio.

Stiviano is now an essential character in FX’s new series, Clipped, which dramatizes that stormy period for the Clippers.

Growing up in poverty, V attempted to run a food truck business while also auditioning for reality TV shows in LA. Her life took a dramatic turn when she met Donald in 2010.

According to Ramona Shelburne’s podcast “The Sterling Affairs,” Stiviano was not the first mistress Sterling had, but her relationship with him stood out.

However, leaked audio recordings of Sterling making racist remarks led to his lifetime ban from the league, and this scandal ultimately ended his relationship with V.

With the release of the series, rumors about V. Stiviano being pregnant or suffering from an illness have resurfaced and captured the attention of netizens.

V. Stiviano Is Not Pregnant or Ill, But Back in the Spotlight

There is no clear indication that V. Stiviano, the former mistress of ex-Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, is pregnant or suffering from any illness in 2024.

The focus remains on the FX series “Clipped,” which dramatizes the 2014 scandal involving Sterling’s racist remarks captured on tape by Stiviano.

While various sites provide background information about her role in the scandal, none directly address her pregnancy status or health condition.

Stiviano is currently out of the public eye, having once hinted at writing a book.

She also appears to favor the Lakers over the Clippers and no longer has any connection to the Sterlings.

V. Stiviano Attacked and Injured in Manhattan Hate Crime Incident In 2014

V. Stiviano, known for her involvement in the Donald Sterling scandal, revealed injuries she claimed to have suffered during an attack outside an exclusive Manhattan hotel.

The incident occurred after she was racially abused, leading to an assault charge and a hate crime against the perpetrator.

According to Stiviano, she was approached by a man named Dominic Diorio, who shouted racial slurs at her before physically attacking her.

The image shows apparent serious bruising and swelling on V. Stiviano, believed to be the result of the alleged racially motivated assault. (Source: Daily Mail)

The assault left her with visible injuries, which she later disclosed to the public. Diorio, 40, was arrested and charged with both assault and a hate crime.

Despite Diorio’s arrest, a second suspect involved in the attack remains at large and has not been apprehended.

They seemingly recognized Stiviano from her involvement in the NBA race scandal.

Despite the traumatic event, Stiviano has been vocal about the attack, bringing attention to the pervasive existence of racial hatred and violence in society.

Additional Information

  • V. Stiviano had a difficult childhood in San Antonio, Texas. Her mother, Martha Perez, was convicted of shoplifting and used her children to steal.
  • Stiviano’s biological father is believed to be African-American, though his identity is unknown. V. Stiviano describes her ethnicity as half-Black and half-Mexican.
  • In the new series, Cleopatra Coleman, known for her role as “Erica” alongside Will Forte in FOX’s show “The Last Man on Earth,” portrays Stiviano.
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