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American Graffiti Cast Paul Le Mat Is Suffering From Arsenic Disease

Due to illness, Paul is unable to play at the arena that he loves so much.

Paul Le Mat is famous for portraying John Milner in the movie American Graffiti, released in 1973.

78 years old, Paul Le Mat was born on September 22, 1945, in Rahway, New Jersey, United States.


  • In a YouTube video titled Paul Le Mat—Me Now, Little Did I Know, he clarified his illness.
  • Paul gained a lot of arsenic in his body after eating foods from the refrigerator of a hotel room.
  • He lives in a rented condo in the Sam Fernando Valley, California.

Mat was born to his late father, Matthew, and her mother, Elizabeth Le Mat.

His acting career started with the pilot episode of Firehouse in 1973. The same year, he won his first Golden Globe Award for portraying John Milner in American Graffiti.

He appeared as John Dortmunder in Jimmy the Kid, opposite Gary Coleman in the role of Jimmy in 1982.

Mat worked on independent films and TV movies in the 1990s. He appeared in Lonesome Dove: The Series and the follow-up Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years.

Paul Le Mat Has Been Facing Illness For Last 45 Years

Paul Le Mat’s fans keep asking him on Facebook, how and why are you sick.

On May 1, 2022, Mat finally posted a video titled Paul Le Mat—Me Now, Little Did I Know, discussing how he became sick.

On 9th April 1979, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Paul started feeling sick after eating food from his little refrigerator in his hotel room.

Paul thought the food was a chicken sandwich, cheese dip, and chips, but it tasted bad.

Suddenly, Paul started having stomach pain and went for a checkup.

However, in the lab report, it was found that he had a lot of arsenic in his body and was at a danger level.

As Paul is getting old, it becomes hard to fight the disease due to his weak immune system.

Fans also gave well wishes to Paul Le Mat in the comment section.

I’m so sorry you’ve had to endure all of this, Paul. Praying that the arsenic will be completely out of your system soon and that you’ll have more energy once again.

Paul stated that he is gradually improving as arsenic slowly emerges from his system.

He does regular exercise, takes steambath, gets a massage, and takes Heavy Metal Chelator (a dietary supplement).

Due to illness, Paul cannot perform in an arena he loves so much, which has also affected him financially.

Former Social Worker CR Cochrane has organized a fundraiser for Paul Le Mat to support him.

Additional Information

  • Paul Le Mat married Suzanne de Passe in 1978. Together, they had 3 children, but their marriage ended in 1994.
  • He is 5 feet 11 inches or 182 cm tall and weighs 95 kg or 210 lbs.
  • Mat was one of the people George Lucas had in mind to play Han Solo in the first Star Wars movie.
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