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Top 10 Jerry Seinfeld Movies And Series

Get ready to know more through the ultimate list of cinematic gems featuring only Jerry Seinfeld. We’re counting down the Top 10 Jerry Seinfeld Movies guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and leave you in stitches!

Jerry Seinfeld is a renowned American comedian and actor, born and raised in New York City.

He gained widespread fame for his self-titled sitcom “Seinfeld,” which aired from 1989 to 1998.

The show was known for its humor based on everyday situations.

Post “Seinfeld,” Seinfeld continued his successful career in stand-up comedy and television. He starred in and produced the HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

He went on a USA comedy tour in recent years, earning an estimated $20 million.

10. Jerry Seinfeld: ‘I’m Telling You for the Last Time’ (1998)

Release DateAugust 9, 1998 (United States)
DirectorMarty Callner
CastJerry Seinfeld, Michael Barryte, Grace Bustos
Running Time1 Hr 15 Mins
IMDb Rating7.8/10

Seinfeld performed his “I’m Telling You for the Last Time” show live on Broadway in 2004, which was initially a one-night-only show that was recorded and later released on DVD and CD.

In it, Seinfeld stood up on stage and discussed his personal experiences, observations, and unique insights into everyday life.

Seinfeld also performed several charity comedy shows, including “Comedy for a Cure,” which benefitted cystic fibrosis research, and “Holiday for Humanity,” which benefitted disaster relief efforts.

In addition, he has appeared on several talk shows and hosted several awards shows, including the Primetime Emmy Awards and the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Overall, Jerry Seinfeld is considered one of the most successful and influential comedians of his time, and “I’m Telling You for the Last Time” remains one of his most famous and memorable performances.

09 Comedian (2002)

Release DateFebruary 22, 2002
Director1 Hr 22 Minutes
CastJerry Seinfeld, Orny Adams, Chris Rock
Running Time1 Hr 22 Minutes

The documentary delves into the parallel worlds of Jerry Seinfeld and Orny Adams, contrasting their career trajectories.

Seinfeld, a seasoned comedian with a legendary sitcom, seeks to rejuvenate his stand-up journey.

Meanwhile, Adams, an up-and-coming talent, yearns for recognition on late-night TV and dreams of his TV sitcom.

Despite their differing levels of success, both grapple with personal and professional challenges, encapsulating the universal struggle of comedians.

Through intimate insights, the film navigates the highs and lows of comedic ambition, offering a candid exploration of fame, aspirations, and the relentless pursuit of laughter in the entertainment industry.

08 The Seinfeld Story (2004)

Release DateNovember 25, 2004
DirectorLarry David
CastJerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Jason Alexander
Running Time1 Hr
Rating 8.0/10

“The Seinfeld Story” follows the comedic misadventures of a fictionalized Jerry Seinfeld, puzzled by the romantic overtures of a woman he encounters.

Amidst his confusion, he seeks solace and advice from his close friends George and neighbor Kessler (later known as Kramer).

Together, they dissect the intricacies of relationships and societal cues, navigating the complexities of modern romance with humor and wit.

As the storyline unfolds, viewers are treated to a comedic exploration of love, friendship, and the absurdities of everyday life, all within the backdrop of New York City’s bustling streets and quirky characters.

07 Bee Movie (2007)

Release DateNovember 2, 2007
DirectorSteve Hickner, Simon J. Smith
CastJerry Seinfeld, Patrick Warburton, Renée Zellweger
Running Time1 hr 30 minutes

“Bee Movie” introduces Barry the Bee, a recent college graduate disenchanted with the mundane life of honey-making.

He reaches beyond the hive and converses with a human, defying bee norms.

Shocked to discover humans exploit bees for honey, Barry embarks on a daring mission for justice. Inspired to sue humanity for theft, he teams up with a human lawyer.

Together, they challenge centuries-old practices, igniting a legal battle that transcends species boundaries.

As Barry navigates the complexities of the human world, he learns valuable lessons.

These lessons concern friendship, perseverance, and the power of standing up for what’s right.

The journey is buzzing with humor and heartwarming moments.

06 Colin Quinn: Long Story Short (2011)

Release DateApril 9, 2011
DirectorJohn Moffitt, Jerry Seinfeld
CastColin Quinn
Running Time1hr 23m

In 2011, Colin Quinn released his one-person show “Colin Quinn: Long Story Short” as a TV special on IFC.

TV show focuses on Quinn’s journey through history, starting from the time of Christ and ending with modern times.

The show is a comedic take on history and provides a dark and thought-provoking look at the world we live in today.

Quinn also released a 75-minute version of the show as a solo show in New York City’s Village Theater in 2010.

05 The Marriage Ref (2010 – 2011)

Release DateFebruary 28, 2010
DirectorEllen Rakieten, Jerry Seinfeld, Jessica Seinfeld
CastTom Papa, Marv Albert, Natalie Morales
Running TimeEach episode, around 43 minutes (Season 1, 12 Episode and Season 2 10 Epidose)

“The Marriage Ref” is an American reality TV series hosted by TV median Tom Papa and handpicked by Jerry Seinfeld.

Airing from 2010 to 2011, it tackles marital disputes in each episode.

Couples present their issues to a panel, seeking resolution. Tom Papa, an experienced actor-comic, is the ultimate judge, determining the winner in each argument.

The show offered entertainment and insight into relationships. It received varied reviews, reflecting the diverse nature of marital dynamics.

The challenges of resolving conflicts in a public forum contributed to the mixed reception.

04 Seinfeld (1989–1998)

Release DateJuly 5, 1989
DirectorLarry David, Jerry Seinfeld
CastJerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards
Running TimeEach episode is 22 minutes, and there are 9 seasons.

“Seinfeld” is a famous American sitcom from 1989 to 1998. It revolves around four friends living in New York City: George, Jerry, Elaine, and Newman.

The show is known for portraying everyday situations and trivialities, earning it the label of being about “nothing.”

Each episode typically features the characters dealing with mundane aspects of life, often leading to comedic situations.

The titular character, Jerry Seinfeld, is a stand-up comedian who frequently provides commentary on the events around him.

George Costanza is Jerry’s best friend, known for his neurotic behavior. Elaine Benes is Jerry’s ex-girlfriend, now his close friend, and often the voice of reason among the group.

Newman, Jerry’s eccentric neighbor, frequently finds himself at odds with the main characters.

“Seinfeld” remains a beloved classic for its humor and relatable portrayal of everyday life in the big city.

03 Colin Quinn: Unconstitutional (2015)

Release DateFebruary 2015
DirectorJay Chapman
CastColin Quinn
Running Time55 minutes

“Colin Quinn: Unconstitutional” is a stand-up comedy special from 2015.

In the show, Quinn humorously delves into the similarities between the three branches of government and people in a bar.

He also explores why many U.S. presidents are considered unattractive and offers insights into how the Kardashians reflect significant cultural shifts.

Critics and audiences have praised the special for its engaging content and sharp humor.

Initially slated for HBO, the special found its home on Amazon Prime Video. It’s available for streaming on various platforms and has been released on DVD.

Quinn extended its run at Cherry Lane Theatre, drawing comparisons to comedy legends like Norman Macdonald, Richard Simmons, and George Carlin.

The unique, intelligent social commentary has contributed to contemporary political discourse.

02 Jerry Before Seinfeld (2017)

Release DateSeptember 19, 2017
DirectorMichael Bonfiglio
CastJerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Brogan, Mark Schiff
Running Time1 Hr 2 Minutes

“Jerry Before Seinfeld” is a Netflix TV series offering a T.V. close-up view of Jerry Seinfeld’s life and career before his rise to fame.

The show delves into his early days, struggles with depression, relationships, and his journey in the stand-up comedy scene.

Viewers gain insights into the genesis of his iconic show, Seinfeld, and the creation of memorable characters like the Snake Juice Man.

The special provides a comprehensive picture of Seinfeld’s formative years through interviews, performances, and archival footage.

It’s a captivating exploration of the comedian’s origins and the influences that shaped his comedic style.

Whether you’re a fan of Seinfeld’s work or just interested in the backstory of a comedy legend, “Jerry Before Seinfeld” offers an engaging and entertaining glimpse into the life of one of America’s most beloved comedians.

01 Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill (2020)

Release DateMay 5, 2020
DirectorJoe DeMaio
CastJerry Seinfeld
Running Time1 Hr

“Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill” is a stand-up comedy special filmed at the Beacon Theatre in New York City.

Released on Netflix in May 2020, the special showcases Seinfeld’s trademark humor, focusing on everyday experiences.

Seinfeld explores topics like the difference between talking and texting, the contrast between bad buffets and supposedly great restaurants, and the quirks of the famous breakfast pastry, Pop Tarts.

Rather than presenting entirely new material, Seinfeld weaves in updated bits while retaining some classic routines.

Reviewers describe the special as a lengthy and engaging conversation where Seinfeld draws humor from his life experiences.

Some critics note the underlying personal pain behind his jokes, while others applaud his ability to find comedy in the mundane and elevate simple observations into comedic gold.

“Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill” offers an entertaining and insightful perspective on the minutiae of daily life.

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