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Tomer Capone Isn’t Related to The Infamous Culprit Al Capone

In 2019, the actor, Tomer Capone explained how he doesn't have any connection with notorious Al Capone despite the similar surname.

The actor, Tomer Capone, isn’t related to Al Capone, although they share a similar surname. Let’s take the lid off their distinct family tree and profession.

Tomer Capone is an Israeli actor known for his film, TV, and stage work.

Additional Information

  • Tomer Capone is the son of business owner parents who hails from Israel, while Al Capone have Italian ancestral.
  • The actor, Tomer Capone isn’t the son of grandchild of the infamous felone, Al Capone.
  • Tomer Capone parents might have past history of Italian ancestral because of the surname ‘Capone’ origin from Italy.

Tomer Capone appeared in popular Israeli shows like “Hostages,” “Fauda,” and “When Heroes Fly.”

Also, he is notable for portraying Serge or Frenchie in the superhero series The Boys.

Similarly, Alphonse Gabriel Capone, often called “Scarface,” was an American gangster and businessman born on January 17, 1899.

He gained fame during the Prohibition era as the co-founder and leader of the Chicago Outfit from 1925 to 1931.

Capone’s criminal reign lasted seven years until he was incarcerated at the age of 33.

Al Capone Isn’t A Distant Relative of Tomar Capone

In a 2019 interview, Tomer Capone explained that while his surname is technically spelled with an ‘e’ at the end, they prefer not to use it to avoid associations with the notorious figure.

The Big Boys actor Capone was born in Holon, Israel, and grew up in the city of Rishon LeZion.

He is the second child of parents who own a business but haven’t disclosed their identity.

Since the surname Capone originates from Italy, it’s possible that Tomer Capone’s ancestors were Italian immigrants who lived in Israel.

In the case of Al Capone, his parents, Gabriele and Teresa Capone, hailed from Angri, a town adjacent to Naples, Italy.

Gabriele was a barber, while Teresa pursued the art of seamstressing.

Their migration to the United States in 1893 marked the beginning of their journey to a new land.

At the same time, it’s impossible for the actor, Tomar Capone, to be an offspring of one of Al Capone’s grandchildren.

Al Capone married Mae Capone from 1918 until his demise in 1947.

They had one child together named Albert Francis Capone.

Al Capone’s grandchildren include Veronica Capone, Teresa Capone, Patricia Capone, and Barbara Capone.

Additional Information

  • After completing high school, Tomer Capone was conscripted into the Israel Defense Forces in 2004.
  • The actor served as a soldier and eventually became a squad leader with the IDF’s 202nd battalion of the Paratroopers Brigade.
  • At age 26, Tomer lived in the Hatikva Quarter of Tel Aviv, where he attended The Yoram Loewenstein Performing Arts Studio for a year.
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