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The Hidden Truth of Jack Featherington’s Fortune in Netflix’s Bridgerton

Jake Featherington came to Featherington household claiming his legal and sole ownership.

Jack Featherington is Penelope Featherington’s cousin, and he appeared in the Bridgerton franchise in season 2.

Jack Featherington preferred to call himself Cousin Jack, a term used for the Cornish miners, who were typically emigrant miners in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


  • Jack Featherington’s character as a wealthy mine owner presents a theme of deception and insecurity within high society.
  • Jack and Lady Featherington’s partnership in swindling and their intertwined romantic feelings add complexity to the plot.
  • Jack’s uncertain fate and the looming threat of exposure leave readers on edge, eagerly awaiting the resolution of his storyline.

At first glance, Jake seems light-hearted and aloof, but his outer appearance conceals the panicky and insecure aspects of his character.

Chapter 2 of Bridgerton season 3 is finally here for you to binge-watch on Netflix and has brought enriched storytelling to dive into.

The period drama has reached the regal ending that most viewers desperately waited for, especially after the cliffhanger left in the first chapter of the third season.

The second chapter centers around Penelope Featherington’s family condition and focuses more on Penelope and Colin Bridgerton’s deep and steamy romance.

Here is a short glimpse of the second chapter,

Warning: This Post Contains Spoiler!

Jack Featherington Revealed To Be Penniless, Shattering Featherington Household’s Expectations


Bridgerton (2020)

Based on Julia Quinn’s Regency-era romance novels, the series is known for its elaborate costumes, magnificent production design, and passionate romance. It primarily focuses on the Bridgerton family, particularly the eight high-spirited Bridgerton siblings and their intricate romantic entanglements.


Romance Drama

Jack Featherington, portrayed by actor Rupert Young, was initially a business associate of the Featherington family.

Everyone considered him to be super rich due to his possession of numerous mines, but little did they know that he had a secret of his own, which is not revealed until later in the series.

After Lord Archibald Featherington’s death in the first season, Jack rightfully inherited the estate because he was the closest male relative.

Jake was the only hope left for Portia Featherington, so instead of denying his inheritance, she accepted him, and a witty scheme was being created inside her head.

Lady Featherington was planning to make her daughter Prudence marry him so the Featheringtons could get back their financial stability.

However, in a twist, it was revealed that Jack’s mines were worthless, and he had no money to his name.

Jack Featherington Joins Hands With Lady Featherington To Collect Fortune

Upon learning of Jack’s situation, Portia devises another collaborative scam with Jack to gain investors and fortune in any way possible.

They teamed up to pocket the money themselves by swindling the affluent noblemen of London into investing in the empty mines in America, as any other way couldn’t bring them quick money.

Jack starts having romantic feelings for Portia, and she reciprocates his emotions, leading to their intimacy and their partnership in swindling.

Eventually, Colin Bridgerton discovers their scam and tells Penelope the truth.

He confronts Jack and says that he will keep the secret if Jack returns all the money.

On the other hand, Portia pretends to be innocent in front of Colin and her daughters, wearing a mask of secret.

Immediately, Jack plans to flee to America with Portia, but she disagrees because she needs to protect her daughters.

In the fifth episode of season 3, a lawyer arrives seeking Jack, going through his finances and whereabouts, showing a potential chance of him getting caught.

However, the exact outcome of Jack’s arc in the third season remains to be seen, which will probably be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

So, will Lady Featherington get exposed? Will Jack be able to flee safely as he had planned?

Additional Information

  • Initially, Jake Featherington gave Cressida Cowper a ruby necklace, intending to marry her. However, Lady Featherington intervened and spoiled the plan.
  • Jake had no intention of marrying Prudence and was relieved when the talks about their wedding were halted.
  • In the second season, he arrives in London while the women are at the ball and pays Philippa’s unpaid dowry to make a positive appearance about his wealth.
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