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Theresa Randle Will Not Be Repeating Her Role In The Bad Boys 4 Possibly Due To Her Health

Theresa Randle, who portrayed Theresa Burnett in the Bad Boys movies, has been replaced by Tasha Smith for the upcoming Bad Boys 4:Ride or Die

Theresa E. Randle is an American actress who appeared in movies such as Malcolm X, Beverly Hills, Space Jam, and Spawn.


  • Actress Tasha Smith has replaced Theresa Randle for the Bad Boys 4.
  • Randle’s broken femur injury prevented her from playing the role of Marcus’ wife in the fourth installment of Bad Boys.
  • In 2023, Theresa Randle was seen using a walker.

She is well-known for her role as Theresa Burnett, the wife of Detective Marcus Burnett(played by Martin Lawrence), in the action comedy movieBad Boysfranchise.

In the movie, Theresa Randle plays a major supporting role as Marcus’ wife and the mother of their children.

Her role provided an important personal storyline and family dynamic for Marcus’ character.

Many people loved and praised Theresa Randle’s acting in Bad Boys, but unfortunately, she won’t appear in the movie again.

A report from 2023 stated that actress Tasha Smith, known for her roles in “Empire” and “Why Did I Get Married?” would replace Randle in Bad Boys.

According to that report, Randle’s injury or health issues may have averted her from participating in the movie.

Theresa Randle Suffered From A Broken Femur Injury

In late 2023, there were speculations and concerns regarding Theresa Randle’s health condition.

A video on YouTube went viral, where Theresa Randle can be seen using a walker.

According to Randle’s former manager, Roger Neal, she broke her thigh bone.

Roger Neal later said that,

Theresa was “doing Well” and was “in good spirits” while recovering from the fracture.

In addition to Randle’s injury, people also assumed that she might be suffering from other health-related issues as she looked unwell in most of her pictures.

Some also said Theresa Randle looked perfectly fine, and it is normal to look different without makeup.

However, there have been no recent updates on Theresa Randle’s health condition and injuries in 2024, and she seems to be living a healthy life.

Additional Information

  • Theresa Randle got her first big-screen break with “Maid to Order” in 1987.
  • Theresa Randle was nominated for a Blockbuster Entertainment Award as a favorite supporting actress in the horror movie “Spawn.”
  • Theresa Randle was born in Los Angeles in 1964.
  • Randle began performing by studying dance and comedy at Beverly Hills High School.
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