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Michell Ang Has Maintained Her Weight Following Healthy Habits

Star War: The Bad Batch’s Michelle Ang’s latest warning has worried fans before the series finale.

Michelle Ang is a famous actress from New Zealand. She is famous for her role as Lori Lee in the Australian TV soap opera “Neighbours” and for voicing the female Jango Fett clone Omega in the series “Star Wars: The Bad Batch.”


  • Michelle Ang currently weighs 51 kg.
  • Being 40 years old, Michell Ang has not been caught by any illness.
  • Michelle has said her skin is getting thinner as he enters middle age.

She was born in Christchurch and is of Malayasian Chinese descent. She was a talented ballet dancer in her early days and has performed in The Nutcracker, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Romeo and Juliet with the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

Michelle completed her studies at Victoria Univeristy in Wellington, receiving a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration degree.

Ang made her movie debut in 2004’s Futile Attraction. She has also auditioned for Cho Chang’s role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which was given to Katie Leung.

Michelle Ang Has Maintained Her Weight Through Healthy Habits

Michelle Ang, who has previously appeared as struggling writer Sophia, follows healthy habits to keep herself happy, healthy, and glowing.

She has said,

“I start off the morning with a teaspoon of New Zealand-grown barley grass powder in cold water,” says Ang. “It’s an intense taste to start the day with, but it wakes up your metabolism and has many essential minerals and vitamins. I actually love the grassy taste.”

Moreover, Michelle walks in nature to revive herself physically and spiritually. She is also conscious of food to maintain her weight. She added,

“I try to avoid eating processed food. I’ll cook or bake as much as I can. A ginger loaf or cake is better if I know that only natural ingredients have gone into it!”

However, she has not mentioned anything regarding her weight loss. Being 40 years old, she has never been caught by any health issues.

As of 2024, Michelle Ang weighs 51 kg or 113 lbs.

Michelle Ang Revealed That Her Skin Is Being Thinner

As Michelle Ang entered middle age, she noticed various changes in her skin.

Ang said her skin has become thinner as she ages, and many casting directors reject her.

Moreover, Ang described her current situation as “a funny chapter.” As a result of these changes, she has become more interested in working on the other side of the camera.

Her fans can watch the results in her first short movie, “Nai/Milk,” which has its New Zealand premiere at Show Me Shorts.

Additional Information

  • Michelle Ang has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2024.
  • Ang has one son named Koda, born in November 2016, with partner Alexander Botwin.
  • She has a New Zealand accent. She was invited to keep her native accent for the role in homage to fellow New Zealander Temura Morrison.
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