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Infested Is A Thrilling French Arachnid Horror Starring Théo Christine As Lead

Spiders, spiders, and yet more spiders! The French thriller Infested stars an all-new cast, including the rising star Théo Christine.

How far is too far? After watching the French movie Infested, audiences will be left asking this question.


  • Théo Christine has played the lead role in Infested.
  • Théo Christine is in his late twenties and boasts many acting credits.
  • Our review team found Infested to be terrific with its eye-catching and scary eight-legged assassins.

The spider-centric Infested provokes horror with its deadly eight-legged assassins. They could be hiding under your plain sight and might attack at any time.

The protagonist, Théo Christine, does an excellent job leading the viewers through his journey of protecting his loved ones from poisonous spiders. Time is running, and the characters must stop these creatures at any cost.

Théo Christine Plays The Lead Role In Infested

While French movies may not compare to Hollywood’s, they have created timeless masterpieces. Our review team at The Road To Peace Films puts Infested on that list.

Théo Christine’s acting was a cherry on the already exciting plot. From his loneliness in the beginning to his rivalry with his sister to his determination to turn things around at the end, every action resonates with viewers.

While Christine got his much-needed breakthrough with Infested, this is not his first movie. The guy starred in Gran Turismo, BRI, Summit Fever, By Your Side, and La derniere vague.

The French actor’s impeccable acting prowess is all thanks to his drama classes at the Cours Florent.

After playing minor roles, Christine got more recognition after starring in SKAM France.

A big fan of the Spider-Man franchise, this rising acting sensation felt right at home filming Infested, also called Vermins.

Théo Christine Nears 30: The Same Age As His Character Kaleb

28 Years Old Théo Christine was born in Vendee in 1996.

Having built up so much suspense around Infested, let us soon break down the movie’s plot.

Well, the movie stars 30-year-old animal-obsessed Kaleb (Théo Christine). He comes across a poisonous spider, which adds to his growing weird collection.

Kaleb asked for more than he could handle, as the spider was a dangerous species that reproduced in haste and killed without remorse.

Where Are You? Where Are You Hiding?

Something that kills That Fast Is Impossible.

From Infested Trailer

Our review team also found that the people living in Kaleb’s building all had stories to tell. They belong to a lower-income group that the government ignores.

Although he is still in his twenties, Theo Christine perfectly portrays a 30-year-old man’s emotions.

Infested director Sébastien Vaniček cast Theo while the movie was still in its early stages of writing. He loved Christine’s previous roles and knew he could take the movie on his back.

Théo came really in the early process of the writing, because I knew his work, and I knew I needed someone who would have the shoulders to bear the movie, to take the movie on his back.
And he’s also the flesh of the movie, he is the movie, he’s everything, he has to be the image of the movie.

From Screenrant interview

Vermins, aka Infested, premiered in Shudder on April 26, 2024. Théo Christine, Finnegan Oldfield, Jérôme Niel, Lisa Nyarko, and Sofia Lesaffre starred in this arachnid horror flick.

Our final thoughts: Infested is an underrated movie that delivers more than it promises. There are many eww-inducing moments, jump scares, and sexual chaos, making the film feel like a rollercoaster ride.

Additional Information About Théo Christine

  • Théo Christine grew up in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie and is of Martinican origin.
  • Théo Christine’s parents allowed him to take leave from school for three to four months to visit his dad’s hometown in Martinique.
  • The Infested star is a former surfer who was part of his high school’s surf department.
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