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Femme Star Nima Taleghani Has Scored Many Incredible Roles

From portraying Mr. Farouk in Heartstopper to landing the role of Bijan in Femme, Nima Taleghani is only continuing to grow in the industry.

Fierce, sizzling, spiraling, and unpredictable are a few adjectives used to define the British thriller Femme.


  • Nima Taleghani is from North London, where he completed his bachelor’s and master’s studies.
  • Nima Taleghani is a private man who has yet to disclose the details of his family.
  • The British actor got more prominence after starring as Mr. Farouk in the second season of Heartstopper.

With a mind-blowing plot and a fantastic cast ensemble, “Femme” delivers more than expected.

The movie revolves around two characters, Jules (Nathan Stewart-Garrett) and Preston (George MacKay).

It explores the theme of revenge while unraveling the sizzling chemistry between the protagonists.

The grand finale is within everyone’s expectations yet when it happens, the viewers are left dazzled and shocked to silence.

In addition to Nathan and George, Nima Taleghani is critical in pushing the story forward. Although he is already a known name in the film sector, his popularity has risen since his performance in the movie.

Nima Taleghani Once A Theatre Actor Settled With Big Production Movies

Taleghani was born and brought up in North London. He earned his English Literature degree from Warwick University.

Afterward, the actor attended University College London and received his MA in English.

Nima Taleghani has a theater background and has starred in many theatrical productions.

His theatre credits include Romeo & Juliet (RSC), Macbeth (Royal Exchange), Laika (Unicorn Theater), and Armadillo (Yard Theater).

Thanks to his preference for privacy, he only posts work-related content on his Instagram, with 96K followers.

Nima Taleghani Cemented His Status In The Industry With Mr. Farouk In Heartstopper

Fan-favorite Heartstopper’s season three is almost here! The coming-of-age Netflix series took the Internet by storm with its last season.

Season two introduced several new cast members, including Mr. Youssef Farouk (Nima Taleghani). He is a science teacher at Nick (Kit Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke) ‘s school, Truham.

While Nima Taleghani’s age is unknown, he brilliantly acted Youssef, who is in his mid-twenties in the show.

Farouk is a no-nonsense, strict professor who is unafraid to discipline his students. However, behind the tough-guy persona lies a young man who regrets his difficulty coming out during his teen years.

Mr. Farouk only came out in his mid-twenties. He sympathizes with Charlie and Nick’s struggle to find footing in the judgmental school environment.

Nima discussed the series‘ focus on positive queer stories during his interview with attitude.

It’s all psychological pain one after another, but there’s a happiness in it. I think it helps people connect to the humanity of it.

From attitude

Stay tuned for Heartstopper season 3 in October on Netflix.

Additional Information About Nima Taleghani

  • Nima Taleghani is of Middle Eastern ethnicity.
  • The British acting sensation, Taleghani made his debut with Casualty in 2016. He has since landed minor roles in Dublin Old School, 90 Minutes, Hatton Garden, and Danny Boy.
  • Nima Taleghani once worked with the Royal Court’s young writers on Writers of the Unexplored.
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