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The Reddit Speculated About Bridgerton’s Claudia Jessie Having A Lazy Eye

Bridgerton's Claudia Jessie right eye have limited mobility condition.

People have noticed Claudia Jessie’s unusual eye condition on and off the screen, describing it as lazy eye or uneven eye movement.

In the Netflix series “Bridgerton,” Claudia Jessie plays Eloise Bridgerton, who possesses a strong intellect and a determined personality.


  • The Brigerton cast members are already familiar with their co-star Jessie’s unusal eye condition.
  • Eloise’s left eye can move in a full circle, while her right eye can only move up and down.
  • Reddit users speculated if she had lazy eye or swollen puffed eyes due to infection.

Eloise is notable for her outspoken nature and rebellious spirit and often questions the expectations placed upon her as a woman of her time.

Apart from Bridgerton, Claudia Jessie gained recognition for her roles in the BBC One police procedural WPC 56 in 2015

She also starred in series 4 of Line of Duty, the Dave sitcom Porters, and the ITV miniseries Vanity Fair.

Claudia Jessie Reveals Her Eye Condition With The Bridgerton Cast

During a fun game with Vanity Fair, Claudia Jessie asks if she has a party trick.

The ” Bridgerton ” cast members suggest various guesses, including the clapping game and her eye.

She explains that her left eye can do a full 360-degree rotation while her right eye can only move up and down.

She also demonstrates this ability by moving her eyes in different directions, showcasing her unique talent.

Based on this, it’s possible that Claudia Jessie’s eye trick could be related to a condition like Duane syndrome, which affects eye movement.

In Duane syndrome, one eye may have limited movement in certain directions while the other eye compensates with increased mobility.

Reddit Users Questioned If Eloise Bridgerton Had Lazy Or Swollen Eye

Before Claudia Jessie revealed her condition, Reddit users speculated about her eye condition based on her appearance in the series.

Some questioned whether she had two different-colored eyes, suggesting that this might be a result of editing or lighting in the photographs.

Next, she described it as a lazy eye, while others suggested it could be due to an infection in her right eye, which caused it to appear swollen.

However, Claudia Jessie hasn’t discussed whether surgery could correct her uneven eye movements.

Additional Information

  • Eloise Bridgerton’s character is inspired by Eloisa James, a romance author and English professor, James Penn.
  • In the series, Eloise harbors ambitions of becoming a writer. She’s shown to have a keen interest in literature and writing.
  • Unlike many of her peers, Eloise is unwilling to settle for a conventional union and seeks a partner who respects her independence and intellect.

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