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Barbara Sienkiewicz Pregnancy Stirred Up Her Acting Career Again

Barbara Sienkiewicz has left her loved ones behind. What happened to her children after her passing?

Barbara Sienkiewicz, known as the oldest mother in Poland, took her last breath on June 7, 2024, in her apartment in Warsaw.

The Polish actress rose to prominence after a significant incident occurred in her life, and the hype was such that she had to retreat from show business to protect her privacy.


  • Barbara Sienkiewicz gained significant media attention in 2014 when, at age 60, she gave birth to twins.
  • Despite giving birth at an advanced age without severe complications, Barbara suffered from a long-term illness.
  • Barbara raised her twins, Anna and Piotr, as a single mother, and currently, they are placed in an intervention and educational facility, awaiting decisions from the family court.

Barbara took the tough decision of giving birth to twins at the age of 60, and when her twins turned 10, she succumbed to her long-term disease.

There were reports of her suffering from a health condition. However, the condition’s specifics are unknown, even after her passing.

It is only reported that she was admitted to the hospital a few days before passing away, hinting that she was discharged before complete recovery.

Barbara Sienkiewicz’s Popularity Spiked After Her Pregnancy News

Barbara Sienkiewicz was born in 1955 and was 69 years old when she died.

According to her IMDB profile, she started her acting career in 2010 as a patient with a crossword in the series Daleko od noszy.

It was one of her first TV appearances, which soon landed her another role in the popular TV series Ranczo.

Although she was part of an infamous show, her identity was below the average line. Then, soon, the tables turned, and she became the talk of the town in 2014.

In the age when most women choose to take care of their health, let alone thinking of giving birth, Barbara got pregnant with twins and birthed them without severe complications.

After two years of her postpartum period, she played an important role in the 2016 movie The Innocents.

Then, in 2018, she played the mother of one of the patients, Mikolaj, in the TV series Oko za Oko.

In 2022, she appeared in one episode of each of the two shows, Na Dobre i na zle and Przyjaciolki.

Barbara Sienkiewicz Naturally Gave Birth To Healthy Twins, Anna And Piotr

Everyone was concerned regarding her age and the fetus’s health, despite gynecologists mentioning that Barbara’s biological age was young and wouldn’t have any complications during the process.

To everyone’s surprise, the twins Anna and Piotr were healthy. They scored ten points on the Apgar scale when they were born.

Barbara raised her kids as a single mother and also took care of her own mother, who was confined in a wheelchair at the same time.

The motherhood Barbara showcased has enabled her children to thrive on their own. Both of them have found their respective interests in art.

Her daughter Ania has grown interested in ballet and attended dance school, while her son Piotr has found his passion in acting, following in Barbara’s footsteps.

In 2020, Piotr debuted in theatre by playing the son of the protagonist in the National Opera’s production, “Madame Butterfly.

Barbara never disclosed whether the children were born using an in-vitro method or naturally. Nonetheless, reports have suggested that they were born through the natural phenomenon.

In addition, she has kept the details of their father confidential despite the paparazzi’s constant digging. Nothing is known about her husband or the paternal link to her twins.

In an interview with the “Wieczorny Express” program, Sienkiewicz clearly mentioned that it was her secret and her decision. She stated,

My children know that there was a dad, he was a man who wanted children, that he was their dad, but for reasons I won’t go into now, there is no dad. They have a psychological basis for being appreciated in a sense. In my children’s class there is a situation where there are children who have a father and those who do not. I think this is a good direction for them at the moment. Each stage of life needs a different explanation, and what I tell my kids about dad now will be outdated in a few years.

Now that she is gone, people are worried about her children, who are too young to be left behind.

Nevertheless, the actress prepared for the worst by preparing a will beforehand. It clearly stated her children’s stance if something happened to her in the near future.

Thus, the kids are sent to the intervention and educational facility for the time being, and their fate will be determined by the family court.

Additional Information

  • Barbara’s close friend Wanda Nowicka was with her in the apartment during her final moments, and she gave Barbara the strength to be an independent mother.
  • The Polish government rendered the actress the financial assistance, as she was the country’s oldest mother.
  • Barbara Sienkiewicz received tremendous hate from society for putting her kids’ lives at risk.
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