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The Galvin Family Wikipedia Surges Amidst New Docu-Series, Six Schizophrenic Brothers

The Galvin family, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is the subject of Discovery+'s documentary series titled 'Six Schizophrenic Brothers.'

The Galvin family, the subject of Robert Kolker’s 2020 book “Hidden Valley Road,” has faced immense challenges due to the schizophrenia diagnoses of six of their twelve children.

Robert Kolker’s book chronicles the family’s story, exploring the potential genetic and environmental factors that may have contributed to the high incidence of schizophrenia.


  • The Galvin family, featured in Robert Kolker’s book “Hidden Valley Road,” faced an extraordinary challenge with six out of their twelve children diagnosed with schizophrenia, sparking significant scientific interest.
  • The family’s story includes elements of trauma, abuse, and resilience, as highlighted in both Kolker’s book and the Discovery Channel’s docuseries, Six Schizophrenic Brothers.
  • Dr. Lynn DeLisi’s collaboration with the Galvin family led to groundbreaking insights into the genetic underpinnings of schizophrenia.

Discovery Channel’s latest four-part docuseries, “Six Schizophrenic Brothers,” delves into the heartbreaking real-life narrative of the Galvin family.

This series is adapted from Kolker’s acclaimed 2020 nonfiction book and has depicted the shattered lives of this family.

The Galvin Family Wikipedia, A Journey Through Schizophrenia and Scientific Discovery

The Galvin family from Colorado Springs, Colorado, is known for an unusually high rate of schizophrenia among their children.

Don and Mimi, the high school sweethearts, were married in December 1944 and had 12 children.

In the Galvin family’s otherwise ordinary life, a significant challenge emerged: six out of their 12 children (10 sons and 2 daughters) were diagnosed with schizophrenia.

It began with their eldest son, Donald, and later affected his brothers: Matthew, Peter, Joseph, Jim, and Brian.

This placed immense strain on the family as each son grappled with recurring hospitalizations and institutional care.

During that era, schizophrenia treatments were less developed compared to modern standards, compounding the family’s difficulties.

Dr. Lynn DeLisi entered the scene and took proactive steps to delve deeper into the disease, marking a pivotal turning point.

Her dedication to understanding schizophrenia led to a collaboration with the Galvin family.

Together, they made a groundbreaking discovery: genetics significantly influence the onset of schizophrenia.

While the precise origins of the disease remain elusive, the Galvin family’s involvement has contributed significantly to advancing our understanding of schizophrenia today.

Five Galvin Family Members, Including Three Schizophrenic Brothers, Have Passed Away

Don Galvin, the father of the family, died in 2008. He had a notable career in the Air Force and later as an entrepreneur.

Mimi Galvin, the mother, passed away in 2021 at 98 years old. Throughout her life, she dedicated herself to caring for her children affected by schizophrenia.

Jim Galvin sexually abused his youngest sister, Mary, for years and was very violent and abusive towards Kathy, too.

On March 2, 2001, Jim was found dead, with the coroner ruling his death as a heart attack caused by his medications.

Brian was a talented athlete and musician, even touring the state with his band before moving to California to pursue a rock star career.

Tragically, on September 7, 1973, Brian was found dead at his girlfriend’s house, having committed suicide after shooting her.

Peter Galvin was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 14, making him the youngest among all the Galvin brothers to receive such a diagnosis.

Sadly, Peter passed away on October 17, 2023, just before his 63rd birthday. During his final years, he resided in a medical facility in Colorado.

Nine Galvin Family Members Find Stability After Overcoming Challenges And Are Living Happily

Donald Galvin, now 78, lives in an assisted living facility in Pueblo, Colorado. Donald. He enjoys simple activities like car rides and McDonald’s meals and has developed an interest in ballet, opera, symphony, and theater.

John Galvin lives in Boise, Idaho. He grew up in a chaotic and violent environment. This turmoil led him to distance himself from his parents.

Eventually, he moved out with his wife and children. Although he was distant from his family for many years, he is now committed to supporting his siblings as much as possible.

On February 13, 2005, Richard Galvin married Renee Butler, and they settled in Denver, Colorado. They have a daughter named Jamie and two grandchildren.

After his mother’s passing in 2017, Richard reached out to his siblings, remarking that Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without her pumpkin pie recipe.

Michael Galvin focuses on his own family. He has chosen to stay out of the spotlight, not participating in the documentary series.

He leads a quiet life with his family. His daughter, Levana, praised him as an exemplary father and a loving grandfather to her and her sister, Brea.

Joseph, fondly known as Joe, was the introverted and reserved member of his family. Joe, despite being somewhat distant from his family and rarely mentioned, demonstrated generosity by sending $500 to Michael’s daughters to help them afford college books when they couldn’t afford them on their own.

Mark married Lisa Lankford on April 21, 2020, and they made their home in Windsor, Colorado. He is the father of three children, Emily, Blake, and Luke.

Matthew experienced a traumatic incident at a relatively young age when he was severely beaten by his brother Joe, resulting in the need for brain surgery.

Following this ordeal, Matthew spent time in different medical facilities and eventually found a home in a Section 8 apartment where he lived independently.

Margaret, now known as Margaret Galvin Johnson, is married and a mother of two daughters. She channels her strong entrepreneurial spirit into running MJ Galleries.

She has built a proud life and supports her siblings by actively participating in the Galvin Family Trust.

As the youngest member of her family, Mary faced many challenges, particularly with her elder sister’s absence and feeling abandoned in a turbulent home environment. After changing her name to Lindsay Rauch, she found stability in her husband, Rick Rauch.

Lindsay, along with Rick and their two children, Kate and Jack, have made their home in Ridgway, Colorado, where they continue to nurture their family and professional endeavors.

Additional Information

  • The Galvin Family Trust was established to provide care and support for the affected brothers, aiming to improve their quality of life and alleviate the financial burden on the family.
  • Four of the ten brothers did not have schizophrenia: Richard, Mark, Michael, and John.
  • The docu-series portrays real-life experiences through the eyes of those who lived it, humanizing their stories and emphasizing the significance of listening to and comprehending their journey.
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