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John Galvin Found Love & Stability with Wife Nancy Galvin Amidst Family Struggles

Schizophrenia ripped through The Galvin Family, affecting six of 12 siblings.

The Galvin family is known for the high prevalence of schizophrenia among their children, with six out of twelve sons being diagnosed with the mental disorder.

John Galvin was one of the sons of Donald and Mimi Galvin, who did not develop schizophrenia.


  • John Galvin was one of the six sons of Donald and Mimi Galvin in the Galvin family’s story, which is documented in “Hidden Valley Road.”
  • John Galvin married his wife, Nancy Galvin, in 1971 as their relationship blossomed quickly, and they wanted to start their own family.
  • The Galvin family’s story, including John’s experience, has been recently depicted in a documentary based on their interviews, archival footage, and expert analysis.

The story of the Galvin family from Colorado Springs has been documented in the book “Hidden Valley Road” by Robert Kolker.

Kirkus Reviews commended the book for its remarkable depth and compassion, especially in portraying the history of schizophrenia and the intricate dynamics within the Galvin family.

John Galvin From “Hidden Valley Road” Got Married To His Wife, Nancy Galvin In 1971

John, one of the six sons of Donald and Mimi saw his elder brothers’ constant aggression, prompting him to seek peace with friends due to the chaotic home environment.

Despite the disharmony among his elder brothers, John found love and stability with his wife, Nancy Galvin.

In 1971, John and Nancy’s relationship blossomed quickly, leading to marriage and the start of their own family.

Nancy studied Piano Pedagogy at the University of Colorado Boulder and attended Baker High School. She previously worked at Boise State University and retired in 2016.

Originally from Baker City, Oregon, Nancy now lives in Boise, Idaho, with her family. After marrying John, they initially settled in his parents’ home.

He once left his kids at his parents’ place, only to regret it instantly when Jim started wandering the house with a gun.

This prompted them to move to Idaho with their children. Although John hasn’t been close to his family for a long time, he’s still committed to helping his siblings as best he can.

An Emotional Journey Of The Galvin Family’s Schizophrenic Struggles Shown In “Six Schizophrenic Brothers”

Six Schizophrenic Brothers” is a TV mini-series that documents the true story of the Galvin family, where six out of twelve siblings developed schizophrenia.

The series explores the devastating impact of mental illness on the family and their struggle to understand and cope with it.

Additionally, it has portrayed the terrifying reality of how schizophrenia tore through the Galvin family, affecting six of the twelve siblings.

The series also delves into the psychotic breaks experienced by the affected siblings and the family’s journey to comprehend the illness.

Moreover, it sheds light on the stigma surrounding mental illness, particularly the misconception that schizophrenia was caused by “bad mothering,” which was prevalent at the time.

The series is available on various streaming platforms, including HBO Max, Prime Video, and Discovery+, allowing viewers to witness the Galvin family’s heartbreaking yet inspiring story.

Additional Information

  • John Galvin attended the University of Colorado Boulder, where he studied Music Composition/Theory and Music Education. He graduated in 1967.
  • Later, he attended Boise State University and earned a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction in 1999.
  • John’s eldest brother, Donald, is also alive and 78 years old. He remains close to some of his siblings and lives in an assisted living facility in Pueblo, Colorado.
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