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The LaBrant Family’s Eldest Daughter, Sunday Savannah Labrant, Is Battling With Sanfilippo Syndrome

Born to a well-known Influencer, Sunday Savannah LaBrant is the eldest daughter of Savannah Labrant and Cole LaBrant.

Sunday Savannah Labrant is a member of the popular YouTube channel “The LaBrant Family,” which follows the adventures and challenges of the Labrant family of seven.


  • Sunday Savannah LaBrant, Cole LaBrant’s daughter, has gained attention owing to probable symptoms of this illness.
  • Hopefully, folks like Sunday will receive the care and attention they require due to increasing understanding and resources.
  • The LaBrant Family is a family of 7 members, and they are thinking of having one more baby.

The family comprises Jesse and Chandler Labrant, their five biological children, and two adopted children.

Sunday was born in California to Cole and Savannah LaBrant on June 7, 2022, and is now 1 year old.

Her three older siblings are half-sister Everleigh (2012), sister Posie (2018), and brother Zealand (2020). She’ll become a big sister in May 2024.

Sunday Savannah LaBrant’s Battle with Sanfilippo Syndrome: A Story of Strength

Challenges from the start have marked Sunday Savannah LaBrant’s journey. At just one year old, concerns arose about her health and development.

Sanfilippo syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, casts a shadow over her family’s hopes and dreams.

This condition, often referred to as childhood dementia, leads to a heartbreaking regression in affected children.

Despite initially meeting milestones, they gradually lose abilities and face a bleak prognosis.

Many have speculated that Sunday may be grappling with the early signs of Sanfilippo syndrome.

The LaBrant family, including Sunday’s father, Cole LaBrant, has undoubtedly faced immense emotional turmoil as they navigate this uncertain path.

Despite its rarity, the impact on affected families is profound. Concerns about Sunday’s well-being have prompted discussions about the condition and its effects.

Awareness regarding rare diseases like Sanfilippo syndrome. The value of research in understanding and treating such conditions.

The significance of support for families coping with rare diseases.

The hope remains that individuals like Sunday can receive the care and attention they need through increased understanding and resources.

Additional Information

  • Tommy Smith, Everleigh Rose’s father and Savannah LaBrant’s ex, died ‘unexpectedly’ at the age of 29. Tommy Smith, the father of TikTok and YouTube star Everleigh Rose, died at 29.
  • Savannah first rose to prominence through her Musical.ly videos, which featured her eldest daughter, Everleigh, now nine years old. Around the same period, Cole gained popularity on Vine.
  • The LaBrant Family YouTube channel has an estimated net worth of $18 million as of 2024.
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