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Grey’s Anatomy’s Natalie Morales, AKA Monica Beltran, Belongs To LGBTQ+ Community

Natalie Morales, the versatile actress, appears in the recurring role of Monica Beltran in season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy, bringing a new dynamic to the series.

In an interview with Shondaland, Natalie revealed that the role of Monica held a special place in her heart because she had never portrayed the role of a doctor before.


  • Natalie Morales plays Monica Beltran, a new pediatric surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in season 20 of “Grey’s Anatomy,” marking her first time portraying a doctor.
  • Monica Beltran is pragmatic and level-headed, and the series hints at a potential romantic storyline between her and neurosurgeon Amelia, depicting a slow-burn romance.
  • While Monica’s character hints at an LGBTQ+ orientation, Morales, who also identifies as queer in real life, is currently single and not married to Joseph Rhodes.

Grey’s Anatomy is a medical romantic drama that revolves around the personal and professional lives of surgical interns and their mentors, who face regular life-and-death challenges.

Monica Beltran is a new pediatric surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital who showcases pragmatism and level-headedness, establishing her as one of the best in her field.

The signs presented in the series indicate that the character belongs to the LGBTQ+ community, although it hasn’t been confirmed.

Thus, her portrayal of Monica has raised questions about her personal life, including who her partner is and whether the actress is married.

Grey’s Anatomy Drops Hints On Natalie, Aka Monica’s Probable Relationship With Amelia

The chemistry between the newcomer Monica and the neurosurgeon Amelia can be clearly seen in the series.

The duo first met when Amelia happened to steal Monica’s parking spot.

Even though Monica was quite annoyed by the incident, their chemistry sparked midway when they had their first official encounter in the hospital.

The series openly teases Monica’s and Amelia’s relationship. It hints that Amelia has an interest in women, looking at how she flirted with Carina in season 14.

Thus, season 20 depicts a slow-burn romance between the two, presenting the shift from flirtatious gestures to romantic development.

Fortunately, if Natalie renews the contract to enter the 21st season, we can expect instinctive progress in their relationship, although the odds are quite high.

Is Natalie Morales’ Real Life Partner Joseph Rhodes?

Natalie’s character as Monica hinted her sexual orientation towards women, so what are the chances that her alignment in real life is the same?

Often, the actors’ characters are completely different from their real-life selves; however, viewers cannot help but seek certain similarities between their reels and real lives.

In the case of Natalie, her reel-life character somewhat matches her offscreen life as she identifies herself as queer.

She officially came out on June 30, 2017, through her Twitter handle.

Now, answering the questions regarding her partner, she appears to be single for now.

Although her Imdb profile states that she is married to Joseph Rhodes, this is not true.

People often get confused when two celebrities have the same name, and in this context, Natalie is often confused with the journalist Natalie Morales.

To clarify the misunderstanding, Joseph Rhodes is the husband of Natalie, the journalist, not Natalie, the actress.

Additional Information

  • Natalie Morales’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million, based on her acting projects and involvement in the entertainment industry since 2006.
  • The actress grew up in a tight-knit Cuban family and is proud of her ancestry.
  • Natalie is a strong advocate of the LGBTQ+ community who directed two feature films focused on searching the value of platonic love, queer identity, and reproductive freedom.
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