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Starlight Terminates Pregnancy Amidst The Chaotic World In The Boys

Starlight was pregnant with Hughie's baby during the third season but unfortunately she had aborted it.

In the fourth season of “The Boys,” one unexpected plot twist involves Starlight, also known as Annie January, being revealed as pregnant.

Erin Elair Moriarty is notable for portraying Annie January, also known as Starlight, in the series “The Boys.”


  • Starlight and Hughie have a candid conversation about her pregnancy and abortion in the episode 4 of the season 4.
  • Starlight decides to terminate pregnancy as she wasn’t ready to bring child to the chaos.
  • Her mother felt disappoint over the fact that she decided to terminate pregnancy without consulting her.

Annie January, also known as Starlight, is a member of the Seven, a superhero group funded by Vought-American (Vought International in the TV series).

She plays Hughie Campbell’s love interest and a former member of the Young Americans.

Also, she possesses flight and light manipulation abilities.

Initially depicted as selfless and having benevolent motivations, Annie becomes disillusioned upon discovering the dark secrets of Vought and the other members of the Seven.

Starlight Was Pregnant With Hughie’s Baby

At the end of The Boys Season 4 Episode 4, Hughie and Starlight have a candid conversation.

They discuss Starlight’s public altercation with Firecracker and the revelation of her abortion, which Hughie knew about and believed should have remained private between them.

Starlight admits she struggled with the decision to terminate her and Hughie’s pregnancy, feeling unprepared to bring a child into their chaotic world.

Her rival from pageant days, Firecracker, maliciously exposed this private information on live TV.

It was as part of a scheme orchestrated by Sister Sage to damage Starlight’s reputation.

Moreover, the episode hints that Starlight’s mother learned about the abortion through Firecracker’s on-air disclosure, leaving her likely upset and angry with her daughter.

Reddit Users Had Discussed Starlight Pregnancy Before In 2019

In Episode 8 of The Boys Season 1, Starlight unexpectedly falls ill, leading to speculation that she might be pregnant with Hughie’s child.

Given that Starlight is a superhero (supe), her pregnancy could potentially be accelerated due to her superhuman physiology.

Superheroes in The Boys universe often exhibit enhanced abilities and unique biological traits.

A reddit user had discussed if her body’s accelerated healing and metabolism could lead to a faster pregnancy than a normal human.

However, another Reddit user countered the theory, suggesting that Starlight’s uneasiness could be connected to her drinking problem.

Additional Information

  • Annie undergoes significant changes, exhibiting aggressive behavior, loss of faith, profanity use, and alcohol consumption in “The Boys.”
  • Annie vehemently rejects a new, more revealing costume and a fabricated backstory imposed by Vought-American’s marketing.
  • The Seven’s attempts to sway her are met with resistance from which Queen Maeve unexpectedly saves her.
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