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Jamison Bachman’s Roommate, Arleen Hairabedian’s Wikipedia Surges with the Release of ‘Worst Roommate Ever’ Season 2

Arleen Hairabedian and Jamison Bachman were previously in a relationship.

Arleen Hairabedian is a resident of Queens who had an encounter with Jamison Bachman, known as the “Worst Roommate Ever.”

Jamison Bachman gained notoriety for his malicious behavior as a roommate, featured in a 2022 Netflix docuseries called “Worst Roommate Ever.”


  • Arleen Hairabedian, a professional dog walker from Queens, is 49-year-old.
  • Arleen Hairabedian recounts her harrowing experience with notorious roommate Jamison Bachman in the Netflix docuseries “Worst Roommate Ever.”
  • After years of tough times, Hairabedian now lives alone in a nice apartment. She prefers not to have roommates.

The series features various cases of roommates who turn out to be criminals, including murderers. It premiered in 2022 and continued into 2024.

It has received mixed reviews, with some critics finding the title and approach sensationalistic.

However, it aims to showcase the dark side of shared living situations through real-life criminal cases.

The series’ second season is set to premiere on June 26, 2024. It will feature four new episodes that delve into more chilling tales of problematic cohabitation.

Arleen Hairabedian’s Harrowing Journey With Jamison Bachman, The ‘Worst Roommate Ever’

“Worst Roommate Ever” shares the stories of three of Jamison Bachman’s victims through personal interviews.

Among them is Arleen Hairbaedian, a 49-year-old professional dog walker from Queens.

Arleen met Bachman in 2005, and they became close friends. After Bachman was evicted from school, Jamison allowed him to stay with her in June 2006.

When Hairbaedian took him in on her apartment, she and Bachman were dating casually.

She lived in a railroad apartment above a hobby shop in Richmond Hill, where the passing trains were so close to the elevated tracks that they shook the windows.

Hairabedian asked Bachman to promise he wouldn’t stay longer than two months, and he agreed.

However, what was initially agreed upon as two months stretched into six, then a year, and eventually four years, during which Jamison stopped contributing financially.

Arleen felt trapped by her ethics because she knew that if she moved out, she would be forcing Bachman on her landlord.

Bachman stayed in Hairbaedian’s apartment for nearly four years, even after their relationship ended and she wanted him to leave.

Hairbaedian ended up living mainly in her spare bedroom and described living with Bachman as “like coming home to this monster.”

At one point, Bachman accused Hairbaedian of attacking him with a knife, which she strongly denies.

As a result, she was jailed, put on probation for a year, and ultimately evicted from her apartment by the court.

Arleen Hairabedian Living Solo In A Nice Apartment And Done With Roommates

After parting ways with Jamison, Hairabedian now lives in a “nice apartment in a nice area,” but understandably, she is no longer willing to entertain the idea of having roommates.

In “Worst Roommate Ever,” Hairabedian mentioned that it took her a long time to come to terms with losing her home to the person she shared it with.

She decided to appear in the docuseries because she wanted people to believe such a situation could happen to someone like her.

I want people out there to know that this can really happen to the strongest person.

Arleen Hairabedian

Additional Information

  • Arleen Hairbaedian, Sonia Acevedo, & Alex Miller were among his traumatized roommates, suffering from his manipulative behavior and refusing to leave their rented properties.
  • Bachman’s actions escalated tragically when he murdered his brother, Michael Oberhauser, in 2017 and later took his own life while awaiting trial.
  • Bachman tragically ended his life by hanging himself in jail before facing charges related to the murder of his brother.
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