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Graham Richardson Bids Farewell to CTV Ottawa: Speculations Arise About Future Political Plans

Graham Richardson Signs Off the Last Newscast at CTV Ottawa.

Graham Richardson, the chief news anchor of CTV News Ottawa, has announced his departure from the station. His final newscast was on Friday, July 5, 2024.

Richardson is a prominent Canadian journalist and former chief news anchor for CTV News Ottawa.


  • In June 2024, Richardson announced his departure from CTV Ottawa, citing a desire to explore new opportunities.
  • This sparked speculation about his future endeavors, potentially including political involvement.
  • While specific salary details from his broadcasting career are undisclosed, Richardson’s estimated net worth exceeds $3 million.

With a career of over 15 years at CTV Ottawa, Richardson established himself as a trusted voice in local news.

He became widely recognized for his authoritative and balanced reporting style, particularly on issues impacting the Ottawa community and beyond.

Starting his career in journalism, Richardson rose through the ranks due to his dedication and professionalism.

Graham Richardson Steps Down as CTV Ottawa News Anchor: Speculations Arise About Future Plans In Politics

Graham Richardson served as the chief news anchor for CTV News at Six, delivering nightly news updates that informed and engaged viewers across Ottawa.

His tenure was marked by comprehensive coverage of significant events, including local politics, community affairs, and major breaking news stories.

In June 2024, Richardson announced his departure from CTV Ottawa, signaling the end of an era in local broadcasting.

Richardson stated he is stepping away from the anchor desk to “pursue new opportunities.” Currently, there needs to be confirmed information about his next job or where he is going.

However, there is speculation on Reddit about potential political involvement, but this news is still unconfirmed.

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His decision to step away from the anchor desk was met with recognition for his contributions to journalism in Ottawa.

Richardson garnered respect for his on-air presence and commitment to journalistic integrity and community engagement during his tenure.

Throughout his career, Graham Richardson’s dedication to delivering accurate and impactful news coverage earned him a loyal following and cemented his legacy as a respected figure in Canadian journalism.

Graham Richardson Accumulated Substantial Wealth Through Journalism

Graham Richardson’s career spans both journalism and government service.

As a Chief News Anchor for CTV News Ottawa and an afternoon news anchor on Newstalk 580 CFRA, he likely earned a competitive salary in the broadcasting industry.

Richardson also served as a Senior Policy Advisor in the Labour, Training, and Skills Development department, where his annual salary was $109,960.50.

Additionally, the average salary for CTV News employees in Canada is C$78,275 as of 2024, which shows that he might have accumulated substantial wealth through journalism.

While specific details of his broadcasting salary are not publicly disclosed, his estimated net worth is more than $3 million.

Richardson’s financial success reflects his extensive contributions to local news and his prominent role in Canadian media.

His years anchoring CTV Ottawa’s flagship newscast and public presence have secured his reputation as a respected figure in journalism.

Additional Information

  • Richardson was born in Connecticut to Canadian parents but grew up in Toronto.
  • He completed his undergraduate studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and pursued a graduate degree in journalism at the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • When not occupied with work or volunteer activities, Richardson and his wife, Leigh Anne, are involved as parents in dance, supporting their talented son Bennett and their now-retired minor hockey player, Jack, who is attending Western University.
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