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Lily Chee Grew Up With Divorced Parents Max Chee And Rebecca Chee

Lily Chee shares strong bond with both of her parents though they are divorced.

Tobey Maguire was spotted with actress Lily Chee at a glamorous Fourth of July White Party. Given her apparent wealthy background, fans are now wondering about Lily Chee’s parents and what they do for a living.

Lily Chee has acted in various shows, including a 2016 episode of Netflix’s Daredevil series.


  • Lily Chee father is of Malaysian Chinese descent, while mother hails from Scottish Irish background.
  • Since her parents divorced, her dad, Max Chee lives in an upscale apartment.
  • Lily mentioned visiting her dad’s office, which has a stunning view and tight security.

She’s also been in The Other Two, New Amsterdam, Zoe Valentine, and Chicken Girls on Tubi. Her latest role was in the short film “Nothing, Except Everything.”

Regarding the new love bird in the town, Tobey Maguire recently appeared in an episode of Apple TV+’s Extrapolations.

Paparazzi captured the 49-year-old Spider-Man actor with his arm around the 20-year-old model-actress at Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin‘s annual Independence Day party.

Lily Chee’s Father, Max, And Mother, Rebecca Chee, Have A Wealthy Background

Lily Chee’s parents are Max Chee, of Malaysian Chinese, and Rebecca Chee, of Irish and Scottish heritage.

Her dad, Max Chee, works in a high-rise building in Manhattan and has a background in investment banking and venture capital.

Moreover, in one of her vlogs, Lily mentioned visiting her dad’s office, which has a stunning view and tight security.

She felt nervous meeting important people there, possibly his boss or colleagues.

Most probably, her father, Max Lee, has a net worth that surpasses multi-million figures.

A Reddit user believes that her mom might have a background in finance or communications, given their lifestyle.

Further, their home in Brooklyn is valued at around $6 million, and each of Lily’s sisters has a spacious room.

Lily’s sister Mabel showed her room’s balcony in a live video, and her sister Nuala has a dedicated playroom for her toys and games.

Since her parents divorced, her dad lives in an upscale apartment where Lily and her sisters likely each have their own rooms.

Both parents possibly hold master’s degrees or business school backgrounds.

This education likely contributed to their attainment of an upper-class lifestyle in Brooklyn.

For instance, in Lily’s YouTube videos, the Chee sisters discuss their favorite clothing items, including a $1000 Supreme hoodie.

Additional Information

  • Lily began her modeling career at the age of 10 when an agent from Wilhelmina Models spotted her while she was shopping with her father.
  • Encouraged by the agent, Lily was excited about becoming a model.
  • She quickly landed modeling jobs with well-known brands such as Target and Old Navy.
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