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Sarah J. Bartholomew Aka Anya Gets Haunted Inside Her Grandmother’s House In Mind Body Spirit

Sarah J. Bartholomew is appearing as Anya in an upcoming horror movie, Mind Body Spirit

Sarah J. Bartholomew is a famous American stage and film actress, voice actress, singer, and dancer. 


  • Sarah J. Bartholomew played the role of Anya in the horror movie Mind Body Spirit.
  • Anya is haunted by spirits inside her grandmother’s abandoned house.
  • Anya performs the rituals her grandmother used to perform.
Mind Body Spirit is a horror movie directed by Alex Henes and Matthew Merenda.

Bartholomew grew up with two brothers. She plays with one of her brothers in the band Rochelle, Rochelle, whose name was inspired by the TV series Seinfeld.

In 2018, Sarah lent her voice to Cassidy in the video game “Life Is Strange 2.”

Sarah is not just a member of Mind Body Spirit; the whole movie rests almost entirely on her shoulders. 

Alex Henes and Matthew Merenda wrote and directed the movie, which will be released on May 7, 2024, across digital platformsThe movie is the mashup of Hereditary and paranormal Activity.

Sarah J. Bartholomew Gets Haunted After Performing The Rituals Used To Follow By Her Grandmother

The movie Mind Body Spirit is about Anya, played by Sarah J. Bartholomew. She tries to break into and lean into the aesthetic with fake ads, making the viewer feel like this is a live stream.

Anya is an aspiring yoga influencer who moves into her deceased grandmother’s old house.

Sarah J. Bartholomew
Aspiring yoga influencer Anya finds a lot more than herself in found footage chiller MIND BODY SPIRIT (2024). (Source: Instagram)

While recording a video, she learns that there is more to know about the old lady than she ever realized. 

Anya found a dusty book and sandbags inside a hidden room, indicating some ritualistic space. 

Instead of doing some logical things and avoiding it, Anya assumes that her grandmother was also a healer. 

Anya also had a time-to-time video call with her mother where she said, 

Your Grandmother !! She wasn’t a woman, you think she was!!

However, Anya decides to follow and start the rituals that are used by her grandmother, like “spiritual centering,” which is said to connect the soul back to the body.

She continuously practices the ritual even when the situation gets worse.

Each task and ritual Anya attempts grows progressively weirder and nastier by the second. 

As time flies, Anya gets haunted by a spirit inside the home. So, Anya must race to unlock the truth before her descent into madness threatens to consume her mind, body, and spirit. 

Mind Body Spirit’s Story Feels Like It’s Happening In Front of Eyes

The review team of Thedeparturefilm found the movie very interesting as the story feels real and happening in reality.

Moreover, Anya had amazing acting, as if it were really happening.

Additional Information

  • In 2020, Sarah J. Bartholomew appeared in an episode of the TV series “Murdered by Morning.”
  • Sarah J. Bartholomew is married to their husband, Andrew James Allen.
  • Sarah J. Bartholomew is 32 years old as of 2024.
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