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Roxy Sternberg’s Passion for Acting, Inspired by Her Parents

Roxy Sternberg, a British actress renowned for her performance in “FBI: Most Wanted,” drew influence from her father, who was also a prominent actor at one time.

Roxy began acting by leading in It’s A Lot, a British urban cult comedy.


  • Roxy Sternberg is well-known for her role in the FBI: Most Wanted series.
  • Roxy’s father, Ben Sternberg, was also an actor who starred in many short movies, including “The Stairs,” “Blind Date,” and “Gift from God.”
  • Roxy’s mother is of Ugandan descent and has her ancestry in Uganda, Africa.

Roxy has starred in movies and series, including NBC’s Emerald City, Nat Geo’s Mars, Amazon’s Absentis, and AMC’s Into The Badlands.

She also appeared in the BAFTA-winning comedy series Chewing Gum.

For all her accomplishments in acting, Roxy is thankful for her parents, Ben and Flora Sternberg, who have been her biggest inspiration and constant support.

Roxy Sternberg’s Father, Ben Sternberg, Grabs LAMDA Silver Medal

Roxy fell in love with acting, inspired by her actor father, Ben Sternberg, who graduated from LAMDA in 1973.

Ben Sternberg started his acting career at the age of 17 in the British premiere of Sylvia Regan’s play Morning Star.

He earned a silver medal from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art for his remarkable acting.

Ben has acted in various short films, including “The Stairs,” “Blind Date,” and “Tickety-Boo-Old Man,” as well as the TV series Famalam.

He was also nominated for Best Actor at the St Albans Short Film Festival in 2015 for his role in a short filmGift from God.”

Unfortunately, Ben Sternberg passed away in 2021, but Roxy has always praised her father, remembering him as an amazing actor and a supportive father.

Roxy Sternberg’s Mother, Flora Strenberg Is Of Ugandan Descent

Roxy’s mother, Flora Katie Sternberg, is originally from Africa and has her ancestry in Uganda.

Flora migrated to the United Kingdom at age 15 after completing her studies at Makerere University in Africa.

She graduated from the University of London and later married Roxy’s father, Ben, a British-Jewish man of Russian and Polish descent.

Flora was Ben’s second wife, and Roxy’s parents seem to have quite an age gap. Her mother looks very young compared to her father.

After Roxy’s father’s demise, her mother, Flora, has been her constant source of support.

Flora often posts about her daughter’s achievements on her social media platforms, expressing her pride in Roxy.

Additional Information

  • Roxy Sternberg has a sister named Carmella Sternberg.
  • Sternberg was born in Hammersmith, London, and graduated from the Royal Holloway University.
  • Roxy Sternberg has a child with her partner Flax and is again expecting one.
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