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Rolando Barbano’s Wikipedia Surges Amidst The Release Of His New Netflix Docu-Series

Rolando Barbano Is A Renowned Argentine Journalist and Crime Author.

Rolando Barbano is an Argentine journalist and author who specializes in covering crime stories.

He is the chief of the crime section at the Argentine newspaper Clarín, where he has worked since 1997.


  • Rolando Barbano has been a pivotal figure in Argentine journalism, and since 1997, he has served as the chief of the crime section at Clarín, one of Argentina’s leading newspapers.
  • He featured prominently in the Netflix documentary series “Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta?”, offering deep insights and commentary on the García Belsunce case
  • Although separated from his ex-wife for over a year, reports suggest ongoing attempts at reunion with Marina Calabró, his partner at Radio Mitre.

Barbano is a columnist for the radio program “Lanata sin filtro” on Radio Mitre, where he discusses police and crime cases.

He has authored several books on famous Argentine crime cases, including the investigation into the murder of María Marta García Belsunce.

Barbano was featured prominently in the Netflix documentary series “Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta?”, providing insights and analysis into the García Belsunce case through interviews.

From a young age, he had a passion for journalism and crime reporting, creating homemade magazines by cutting out and pasting photos from sports publications.

Rolando Barbano: Prominent Argentine Journalist and Author In His Mid-60s

Rolando Barbano is a prominent Argentine journalist known for his work across various media platforms.

While his exact date of birth is not explicitly stated in the search results, we can infer that Barbano was likely born around 1958, making him approximately 66 years old.

He has contributed significantly to journalism through his roles in Telenoche and TN, where he has covered important stories and gained recognition for his insightful reporting.

Apart from his journalistic endeavors, Barbano is also an accomplished author. He has written notable works such as “Sangre Azul” (Blue Blood), which showcases his narrative storytelling and investigative journalism skills.

Barbano’s career spans both traditional media and literary pursuits, reflecting his versatility and deep engagement with social issues and current affairs in Argentina.

His insights into crime reporting and investigative journalism have earned him respect within the journalistic community.

Additionally, he has appeared in documentary productions, further expanding his influence and reach.

Born in Argentina, Barbano continues to be an influential figure in media circles, known for his dedication to reporting and writing that delves into the complexities of Argentine society.

His contributions to journalism and literature underscore his commitment to uncovering truths and sharing compelling narratives that resonate with audiences both locally and internationally.

Rolando Barbano’s Dining Out Sparks Relationship Speculation With Marina Calabró

Recently, reports surfaced regarding Rolando Barbano being spotted dining at a restaurant, sparking speculation about his relationship.

Initially, there were claims that he was accompanied by his ex-wife and their two children, Nina and Rocco.

However, contrary to these rumors, Pochi de Gissepeame from Ciudad Magazine clarified that it was actually Rolando’s sister with whom he was dining, not his ex-wife.

Further insights from PrimiciasYa indicate that Rolando Barbano separated from his ex-wife, the mother of his children, over a year ago.

Despite this, recent information suggests that Marina Calabró, Barbano’s partner at Radio Mitre, attempts to reconcile with him, though their relationship remains uncertain.

Beyond their past breakup, there is evident mutual affection between the entertainment journalist and the police columnist, hinting at the possibility of a second chance for their relationship.

Additional Information

  • Rolando Barbano has served as the Head of the Police section at the newspaper Clarín for eighteen years. In 2001, he co-authored “Crímenes Argentinos” with Ricardo Canaletti and Héctor Gambini.
  • Additionally, in 2008, he collaborated with Ricardo Canaletti on directing and writing the collection “Policiales Reales” (Planeta).
  • This collection included detailed accounts of notable cases such as El Caso Belsunce, El Golpe al Banco Río, and El Caso Barreda.
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