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Mother’s Milk Actor Laz Alonso Transformation Raises Concern Among Fans About His Health

Thankfully, Laz Alonso isn't sick; it's just that he has shed some pounds and shaved his beard.

Speculation about Laz Alonso having cancer due to his thinner, clean-shaven appearance has sparked insensitive jokes from some people.

Laz Alonso joined the main cast of the series The Boys, based on the comic book series in which he portrays the character Marvin T. “MM (Mother’s Milk)” Mil.


  • Laz Alonso went through drastic weight loss journey that fans couldn’t recognized him on the screen.
  • Additionally, he shaved his beard and his character, Mother’s Milk appeared indifferent to The Boys viewers.
  • A Twitter user reminded people not to make a mock out of any actor’s appearance, providing reference to Chad wick Boseman’s cancer state.

An American actor is notable for his roles as Tsu’tey in James Cameron’s science fiction film Avatar and Fenix Calderon in the film Fast & Furious.

Alonso starred as one of the lead characters in the first season of the TV series, “Breakout Kings” in 2011.

He has also made guest appearances on television shows such as “The Unit,” “Bones,” “CSI: Miami,” “NCIS,” “The Practice,” and “Eyes.”

Laz Alonso Shed Weight Drastically: Fans Didn’t Recognize Him On The Screen

Fans have been expressing concern over Laz Alonso after seeing him in the current season of The Boys.

His noticeable and extreme weight loss has raised alarms among viewers, prompting speculation and worry about his well-being.

While fans were expecting surprises, they weren’t prepared for Laz Alonso, who plays Mother’s Milk in the series, to appear after such a dramatic transformation.

Alonso has lost significant weight and now appears noticeably less bulky than before.

However, it’s not just his weight loss that fans found surprising.

His iconic beard, which was a trademark look, has also disappeared, and fans are struggling to recognize him.

Alonso explained on his Instagram that he had cut back on things his body didn’t need, resulting in this transformation.

Laz Alonso’s Transformation Has Sparked Insensitive Jokes On Social Media

Laz Alonso has openly shared his fitness journey on social media, mentioning his collaboration with BioSynergy, a DNA testing company.

It has helped him achieve his current physique. He has also shaved off his thick beard, contributing to his thinner appearance.

As fans continued discussing his transformation, a Twitter user reminded everyone not to criticize or mock someone’s appearance.

The user referenced how Chadwick Boseman faced ridicule for appearing thin in a social media post before his demise.

It was later revealed that Boseman had been battling colon cancer for four years.

The user didn’t long for any actors to suffer from similar circumstances.

Additional Information

  • Alonso portrayed Detective Billy Soto in the NBC series “The Mysteries of Laura.”
  • Furthermore, in 2023, he starred as the protagonist Terry in “My Dad the Bounty Hunter,” portraying a father who covertly operates as a bounty hunter named Sabo Brok.
  • The actor follows the Christian religion.
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