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Robert Shinn Got Married To Hannah Lee Following Divorce With Shirley Kim in 2011

Robert Shinn's Complicated Dynamics of Marriage and Business in the Spotlight.

Recently, Pastor Robert Shinn made headlines because of a new Netflix documentary about his company, 7M Films and Shekinah Church.

While it’s widely known that Robert founded Shekinah Church after immigrating to the US from Canada, many may not realize that he left his first wife and two children behind.


  • Robert Shinn has evidently been married four times.
  • Shinn tied the knot with Shirley Kim in 2009, but their relationship ends in divorce just two years later.
  • After divorcing Shirley, Shinn begins dating Hannah Lee, whom he later marries.

Following the dissolution of his marriage, Robert entered into a relationship with his second wife, Esther, in the US.

However, their relationship eventually came to an end, leading to their separation. After Esther’s departure, Robert likely refrained from seeking companionship for a period.

Shirley Kim then stepped in to fill the role of Robert’s second-in-command and quickly transitioned into his companion and later a romantic partner.

Robert Shinn’s Married His Then-Wife Shirley Kim In 2009

Talking about Robert’s ex-wife, Shirley Kim, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication at Cal State Fullerton before pursuing further education.

She earned a Master’s degree in Entertainment-Media Transactions and a juris doctorate from Chapman University School of Law, which indicates her diverse skill set.

Recent reports suggest that she is a transactional lawyer managing her legal practice.

Additionally, she holds the position of Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Production & Development at Imaginating Pictures.

However, Robert and Shirley’s relationship didn’t work out, and they got divorced a mere two years later, in 2011.

Shirley Kim, previously Robert’s second-in-command before their divorce, allegedly notarized documents for meetings involving Robert Shinn and Hannah Lee.

Following His Divorce With Shirley Kim, Robert Shinn Married Hannah Lee

After Robert got separated from his ex-wife, Shirley Kim, he began dating Hannah Lee. Hannah Grace, a Santa Ana, California resident, proudly serves as CFO at Shekinah Church.

Hannah, a devoted congregant, took on various financial and management duties, including overseeing fellow congregants’ bank accounts and organizing their daily schedules.

Her exceptional performance impressed Robert, leading him to marry her.

She holds the title of Woman of God, signifying Robert’s deep trust in her and her near-equal role in church affairs even before her involvement in his companies.

Additionally, she manages dancer clients for 7M Films, where she is primarily responsible for their affairs.

Hannah and Shirley Kim, Robert’s former spouse, are named defendants in a 2023 civil lawsuit filed by former church members.

The accusations included fraud, forced labor, breach of fiduciary duty, and failure to pay minimum wage.

However, the trial for this case is not scheduled until 2025, allowing Robert, Hannah, and Shirley to continue their personal and professional lives without significant disruptions.

Additional Information

  • Shinn is the founder of 7M Films and the Shekinah Church, which have been accused of being a cult.
  • Robert Shinn and his organizations (7M Films and Shekinah Church) have been sued for allegations of human trafficking, and sexual battery.
  • The documentary, “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult,” came out on May 29 and focuses on accusations that the company is connected to a Christian sect run by Shinn.
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