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Dominique Brown’s Parents Passed Away Due To Chronic Illnesses

Juditha Brown and Louis Brown were supportive throughout the chaos and misery undergone by the Brown household.

Dominique Brown finally broke her silence on her sister’s murder case through the upcoming documentary, The Life & Murder Of Nicole Brown Simpson.

The Brown sisters are again in the limelight, sharing the untold story of Nicole’s demise in an attempt to provide a balanced narrative for the crime that was committed ages ago.


  • Dominique Brown’s mother, Juditha Anne Brown, was the matriarch of the Brown family. She fought for justice with strength and courage.
  • Juditha was battling breast cancer and had a peaceful demise in 2020.
  • Louis H. Brown, Domnique’s father, suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, which he succumbed to at age 90.

Dominique Brown is an actress known for her roles in the shows Hopeful Glamor, Inside Edition, and Today.

Dominique was born on October 22, 1965, to her parents, Juditha Anne Brown and Louis Hezekiel Brown.

Brown was the supportive aunt to her niece and nephew, standing as strong as a shield amidst the pain and chaos they were experiencing.

Dominique’s Mother, Juditha Brown, Had A Peaceful Demise In 2020

Juditha Anne Brown was born in Stuttgart, Germany, on January 21, 1931.

After marrying Louis Brown, she relocated to California with her parents and two elder daughters, Denise and Nicole, in 1963.

On November 8, 2020, she peacefully took her last breath at her home in Laguna Niguel at 69.

Dominique Brown parents
Juditha Brown and Louis Brown on their way to the court trial. (Getty Images)

She was a woman with grace and kindness who kept her family before her needs and happiness, as described in her obituary.

After learning about the death of her second daughter, she fell on her knees and was so petrified that she couldn’t place her words properly.

In an interview with People, Dominique recently opened up on how her mother broke the tragic news about Nicole’s death to her daughter Sydney, 8, and son Justin, 5.

She said,

Mommy’s in heaven.

Then, Juditha had composed herself and didn’t see the need to keep Nicole’s children in the dark as the truth would be uncovered one day.

As the news came out in the media, it created shockwaves because Nicole’s children were too young to process the tragedy.

However, this doesn’t mean she was unaffectionate toward them; she played the role of an amazing grandmother who kept the family together.

Some reports even suggest that she suffered from breast cancer, and despite that, she took care of her husband.

Juditha was the strength of the family and showed courage whenever necessary.

This was proven as she testified about her ex-son-in-law, O.J. Simpson’s wrongdoing during the civil lawsuit.

Dominique’s Father, Louis Hezekiel Brown, Succumbed To The Dreadful Alzheimer’s Disease

Louis H. Brown was married to Juditha Brown for over 60 years. However, Juditha was not his first wife.

He had 2 daughters and a son from his first marriage.

Brown was a businessman who co-founded The Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation after Nicole’s death to help the victims of domestic violence.

It was his way of coping with the unbearable loss of his beloved daughter.

Nonetheless, the organization didn’t do well as it wasn’t handed over to the right hands. Numerous fund embezzlement cases were reported.

Dominique Brown parents
Juditha Brown and Louis Brown in the court trial. (Getty Images)

According to the reports, he had Alzheimer’s disease, and he fought a long battle against it.

Then, he couldn’t hold on any longer and was finally defeated at the age of 90 on a Thursday in the seaside community of Dana Point.

During his demise, he was with his wife and his children because staying home with his loved ones was his last wish.

Dominique’s elder sister, Denise, said to Distractify,

My dad was a class act and a gentleman who was always there for us — and for Nicole. He was a great dad. We are all devastated that he is gone.”

Additional Information

  • Dominique Brown had a son, Aaron Michael Brown, who passed away in 2022 at the age of 33.
  • She was the third born among the Brown sisters.
  • Dominique Brown was married to Randal London, who is reported to be Aaron’s father.
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