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Reality TV Star Manrika Khaira’s Battle with Hair Loss & Health Struggles

Manrika Attributes Hair Regrowth to "Life-Changing" Rosemary Oil.

Manrika Khaira, a 28 years old sensation on TikTok who placed second in The Circle Series 3, is becoming more well-known thanks to her appearance on The Sidemen’s most recent reality show, Inside.

Manrika was criticized for making an “embarrassing” joke about a competitor, Joe Weller.


  • Well-known for her appearances on reality TV and social media, Manrika Khaira has been open about her health issues, especially her brain tumor-related hair loss.
  • Manrika says that her hair is growing back because of rosemary oil, a product that she calls “life-changing.”
  • Manrika Khaira discusses the benefits of rosemary oil, which costs $9.99 on Amazon and strongly advises anyone with comparable problems to try it.

The Sidemen, an incredible collective of YouTube influencers, have debuted Inside, their first-ever reality series.

More than 5.8 million people have seen the first episode of the new series on YouTube, and one of the candidates is a previous Love Island contestant.

Manrika’s remark about Joe Weller’s fascination with a FaceTime girl, which implied that she might be unfaithful while he was at home, set off the conflict.

Manrika Khaira’s Courageous Journey of Overcoming Hair Loss Amid Brain Tumor Struggles

In 2024, Manrika Khaira, known for her presence on social media and reality TV, has been candid about her health struggles, particularly with hair loss due to a brain tumor.

Sharing her journey on TikTok, she revealed that the hair loss began on the top of her head and later spread to the sides.

Despite the emotional challenge, she bravely showcased the bald spots, calling it her biggest insecurity.

Manrika attributes her hair regrowth to rosemary oil, which she describes as “life-changing.”

In her TikTok videos, she demonstrated the noticeable regrowth of previously bald spots and expressed her joy and relief at seeing new hair.

“I had absolutely nothing on top. Now I have a parting back. Look how thick and full my hair is on top,” she shared.

Though the hair on the sides is still shorter, she remains hopeful and continues to use the product.

Manrika’s followers frequently ask her about the product, which she uses two to three times a week for at least two hours each session.

The rosemary oil she swears by is available on Amazon for $9.99, and she encourages others facing similar issues to try it, emphasizing its positive impact on her life.

Besides, on March 28, 2023, she shared a video of losing her dad, where she looked sick and unwell.

Additional Information

  • Manrika Khaira grew up in Birmingham, England, sharing a home with her younger brother, Harvey, and her mother, Kally.
  • Khaira has an estimated net worth of $1 million.
  • Manrika, who is Punjabi, is best known for her appearance on The Circle, where she finished as the runner-up.
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