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Luv Enchanting’s Boyfriend MotionGod Bandman Paid Tribute To Her Through Social Media

Luv Enchanting had a girlfriend when she was only ten years old.

Luv Enchanting tragically passed away on June 11, 2024, after an hour of being placed on life support.

26 years old, Luv Enchanting, aka Channing Nicole Larry, was born on October 9, 1998, in Hanau, Germany, but was raised in Fort Worth, Texas, United States.


  • Luv Enchanting was dating a rapper, MotionGod Band, who paid tribute to her through social media.
  • Enchanting had a girlfriend when she was only ten years old.
  • Luv mentioned Big Scarr as his best friend, not as his boyfriend.

Luv Enchanting was a famous rapper who wrote the lyrics to hit songs such as No Luv, What I Want, Track & Field, and Issa Photoshoot.

Enchanting entered the music field after high school when she began posting videos of herself singing on social media.

She signed a contract with Gucci Mane’s recording label, 1017 Records, which was partnered with Atlantic Records.

Moreover, Luv has made R&B music for many years and has one R&B EP called Enchanted, which is available on Apple Music.

Luv Enchanting Was Dating Boyfriend MotionGod Bandman

A famous rapper, Luv Enchanting, has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, MotionGod Bandman, since 2022.

MotionGod Bandman is also a musical artist and rapper originally from Memphis, Tennessee.

According to his Facebook profile, he attended Ridgeway High School and later completed graduation from Harvard University.

Motion God Bandman works at Rich Savage Enterprises, a clothing brand.

Both were interested in music, so they went to studios to record the songs. Also, they like to attend parties and travel to different places.

After the tragic passing of Luv, her boyfriend, MotionGod, paid tribute to her through social media posts. He wrote,

“I love you so much,” 
“I love you 5Life, you knew wassup (sic).
“You finally found that peace that you was looking for you y’all hurt me bad (sic).”

They have kept their relationship private, but the unfortunate situation led Bandman to reveal their relationship status publicly.

Big Scarr Is Luv Enchanting’s Best Friend

On December 23, 2022, Luv Enchanting posted a photo with Big Scarr on Instagram, mentioning him as her best friend. She captioned,

This tore me up even making this. I love this boy so much. He would call me for everything.. Chant make me a Dr. Appointment.. & I would do whatever for him! I’m so heartbroken 💔 I just talked to him earlier yesterday & I’m so thankful for that phone call he told me see you soon & I love you and then words replay in my head all day. You promised me you wouldn’t leave me like this… I’m loss for words. We was so close it was always us! I ain’t stopped crying yet.. I miss you already 💔💔💔 I love you! Gone keep your name alive till it’s my time! 😘♾💕 my best friend 😢 I’ll never replace you. Everybody know we was yin & yang 💕 u really broke my heart Alex 💔💔💔💔 please come visit me soon 😔

Big Scarr, aka Alexander Woods, was an American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee, born on April 7, 2000.

He was famous for his debut mixtape, Big Grim Reaper, which peaked at number 25 on the Billboard 20 and received a positive reception.

There is a video on YouTube titled “Enchanting on Relationship with Big Scarr,” through which fans might have speculated that Big Scarr and Luv are in a relationship with each other.

But there are no credible sources, and Luv herself didn’t confirm her relationship with the late rapper Big Scarr.

Moreover, another post on Luv Enchanting’s Instagram handle shows her chilling with Big Scarr. But, she again mentioned Big Scarr as her best friend.

Luv Enchanting Had A Girlfriend When She Was 10 Years Old

In a YouTube video titled “Is Enchanting Bisexual? She Gets Honest Here,” she mentioned that she was bisexual and had a girlfriend.

She gave an honest answer, saying,

I had my first girlfriend and then that’s when I as like okay yeah I do like girls cuz I actually had feelings for her and that time i was ten years old.

Moreover, she definitely had a past relationship, as Luv once said in an interview, that she was once caught cheating. But she didn’t reveal her partner’s name.

Luv said that she wanted to date a bad guy rather than a guy with a normal career.

However, she has kept her relationship private and hasn’t shared much about her dating life on her official social media handles.

Additional Information

  • Luv Enchanting had an estimated net worth of $500k at her passing.
  • She was the brand ambassador of a clothing brand called FashionNova.
  • Luv Enchanting was 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighed 52 kg.
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