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Mindy Kaling Opposed Brother Vijay Chokalingam’s New Book

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  • Mindy Kaling, famous for her role in “The Office,” has gained recognition for her exceptional talent. She has an elder brother, Vijay Jojo Chokalingam.
  • Vijay Jojo Chokalingam caused a stir by writing a memoir about pretending to be black to get into medical school. While he saw it as an eye-opener about racial issues, Mindy strongly opposed the book, fearing it would shame their family.
  • The clash between Mindy and Vijay escalated into public arguments, with Vijay even resorting to name-calling and airing family grievances on social media.

Although Mindy, the actress, was born in the U.S., her roots lie in Indian ancestry. Her parents are Indian and met while working at a hospital in Nigeria.

In the year Mindy was born, in 1979, her parents moved to the U.S. and settled there. Thus, Mindy grew up being absorbed in the American culture.

She has an elder brother named Vijay Jojo Chokalingam, who followed his parent’s footsteps and sought admission to medical school.

However, medical schools were quite competitive and his chances of getting in were quite low due to his low grades.

Thus, he attempted to enter medical school as an African American and succeeded.

Mindy Kaling Is Against Her Brother Vijay Chokalingam’s Memoir

As Vijay launched his memoir, “Almost Black: The True Story of How I Got Into Medical School by Pretending To Be Black,” he openly pitched about his fake enrollment in medical school as a black man.

He revealed that it was a pre-planned idea to understand the in-depth racial problems that persisted in America.

In an interview with CNN, he opened up that the experience was an eye-opener for him that helped him to be face to face with the hypocrisy of the Black and White hierarchy that is prevalent in the U.S.

Vijay exhibited his love for his sister in Press as he said,

I love my sister to death.

Although Vijay acknowledged Mindy’s presence in his life and appealed for her support in his venture, Mindy showed little to no interest in participating in it.

She expressed her disappointment in Vijay’s action and said it would shame their family.

Mindy And Vijay Have Had Open Arguments On Screen

After Mindy’s opposition to Vijay’s book, he has started to pour bitterness toward her sister, holding a deep-rooted grudge that cannot be uprooted easily.

To everyone’s shock, he delivered a low blow by updating his Twitter bio, describing himself as @MindyKaling’s brother/nemesis.

Perhaps Vijay’s open announcement of his brotherly love was just an act to drive attention toward his sister’s public image to promote his book.

His pessimistic rival-like attitude didn’t end with that; he didn’t hesitate to shame Mindy publicly.

Over her portrayal of Dr. Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project, he said in his Page Six interview,

You play a sl*t on national TV, and you think this book (His memoir) will bring shame on the family?

The public clash between the siblings has created a surge of shockwaves on the internet about how an elder brother could demean his own little sister.

It doesn’t end with this; he made other embarrassing claims.

One of his claims stated that Mindy used her connections at the agency not to represent her ex-boyfriend’s sister, creating further controversies that proved to be obstacles in Mindy’s career.

This is not a healthy sibling rivalry, as the siblings can be seen bashing each other in public.

Additional Information

  • Mindy Kaling is a mother to a son and a daughter; however, she keeps the information about their father a secret.
  • Mindy was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, while her brother Vijay was born in India.
  • Mindy changed her stage name to Kaling as she realized that emcees found it difficult to pronounce her last name, Chokalingam.
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