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Famous Comedian, Matt McCusker’s Delightful Relationship with His Parents

The Heartwarming Humor and Affection Between the Comedian and His Family.

Matt McCusker, a comedian and writer, is best known as the co-host of Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast.

In 2018, McCusker published a book titled “Overlook: A Story About Drugs, Disappointment, and the American Dream.


  • Matt McCusker, renowned comedian and writer, is most recognized as the co-host of the popular podcast “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast.”
  • McCusker shares a lighthearted relationship with his parents, as evidenced by humorous interactions described in his Instagram posts.
  • While McCusker has not extensively discussed his background, his surname suggests Irish descent, hinting at his ethnic heritage.

The story revolves around five dysfunctional neighbors in a blue-collar community whose lives intertwine over the “missing” son of a local dry-cleaning magnate.

Having spent his youth involved in minor criminal activities, he has now committed himself to seeking peace and harmony, making his parents and whole family proud.

In an Instagram post, McCusker mentions visiting his parents, indicating that they likely reside in the United States.

As his new show’s premiere approaches, interest in McCusker’s personal life and family has grown. Let’s explore what we know about his parents and ethnicity.

Matt McCusker’s Humorous Relationship with His Parents & The Possibility Of His Irish Ethnicity

Matt McCusker is a multi-talented comedian, actor, and writer who is well-known for his wit and likable humor. He was born in 1986 and raised in Havertown, PA, USA.

As he has yet to share much about this aspect of his background, despite being born in America, his surname generally indicates Irish descent.

Talking about Matt Mccusker’s parents, in an Instagram post, he mentions visiting them and calling Matt a “derivative of fat,” which shows he has a lighthearted, joking relationship with them.

He said,

Went home last Sunday to visit my parents and both of them called me some derivative of fat. Immediately performed this 3/4 gainer to show them what’s up.

Matt McCusker

Despite his past involvement in non-violent criminal activity, McCusker credits the love and support of his parents for helping him overcome those struggles.

According to an article on Drexel University’s website, McCusker, along with his only brother Tom, established a vegan taco truck during their time as students at the university in 2009.

Tom gained recognition in the food scene and cooked tacos for Chef Gordon Ramsay, garnering significant media attention.

The article mentions their father’s demolition business and how, during the mortgage bubble, the brothers invested $250,000 in a home in Powelton Village, Pennsylvania, renting out most of the rooms and living rent-free.

Matt left the family business in pursuit of personal happiness with his fiancée. The taco truck later evolved into a Philadelphia restaurant in 2016, but it closed in July 2019.

Currently, he resides with his wife, Brittany McCusker, and two lovely daughters, often making visits to his parents’ home.

Additional Information

  • Matt McCusker is known for Gilly and Keeves: The Special (2022), Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast (2018), and Hamptons Comedy Allstars (2016).
  • According to his website, McCusker is a devoted Christian who ultimately places God above all else.
  • Matt McCusker and his wife, Brittany McCusker, are the parents of two children.
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