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Marsha Warfield Yearns For Parenting Children With Wife Angie

Angie is a long-time partner of Marsha Warfield.

Marsha Warfield always wanted her children to have the freedom to explore their sexuality, unlike her own experience. Her mother didn’t allow her to come out, and she didn’t want that to happen again.

Marsha Warfield gained fame for her role as the tough, no-nonsense bailiff Roz Russell on the NBC sitcom Night Court from 1986 to 1992.


  • When Marsha Warfield told her mother she was gay, her mother admitted she had known all along
  • Marsha made her partner Angie wife in August 2023.
  • the duo don’t have child but have intent to co-parent a child.

Later, she returned to reprise this role for the show’s revival in 2023.

Additionally, Warfield starred as Dr. Maxine Douglas on the sitcom Empty Nest from 1993 to 1995.

Before her breakout on Night Court, she was a writer and performer on the short-lived Richard Pryor Show.

Marsha Warfield has also made a mark in stand-up comedy, with notable appearances including on the Norm Crosby-hosted The Comedy Shop television series.

Her talent was recognized early on when she won the prestigious San Francisco International Comedy Competition in 1979.

Marsha Warfield Believes Mothers Should Support Their Children’s Sexuality

Marsha Warfield shared a video on Instagram where a mother asks her daughter about her dream.

The daughter says she dreamed of marrying a girl, but the mother insists that she is a girl and will marry a boy when she grows up.

The daughter keeps saying she wants to marry a girl even when she will be growing her hair out long.

Marsha wished the mother would understand and accept her daughter’s feelings.

In a similar way, when Marsha Warfield told her mother she was gay, her mother admitted she had known all along.

Despite this, she asked Marsha not to come out publicly while she was alive.

Marsha agreed, though it was painful. Even without a public declaration, those close to her knew about her sexuality.

The comedian frequented bars and was open about her identity, making it an open secret.

The decision to honor her mother’s request was uncomfortable, but she also feared judgment from strangers.

Marsha believes no one should hide their sexuality, and no parent should ask their child to do so.

Marsha Married Her Long-time Partner, Angie

Marsha is married to her partner Angie, whom she had longed to marry for a while.

They married in August 2023 and now live happily in Los Angeles, California.

There’s a seven-year age gap between them; when Angie was 12, Marsha was in her late teens at 19.

Angie supports Marsha by sharing her podcast and comedic gigs on Facebook, finding her performances funny and entertaining.

Angie also shares posts about mental healing and spirituality on her Facebook.

Although they don’t have children, based on their Facebook posts, Marsha and Angie seem to love to experience motherhood one at a time.

Additional Information

  • Marsha Warfield was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA, to Josephine Gordon and her step-father, James Gordon.
  • She has a sibling named Cassandra Freeman.
  • Marsha Warfield has a net worth of $3 million from TV shows and comedic gigs.
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