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Gena Rowlands Found Love Again with Robert Forrest After the Loss of Her First Husband

Gena Rowlands is happily married to her husband, Robert Forrest.

Gena Rowlands, an American retired actress, is married to Robert Forrest after the demise of her first husband, director John Cassavetes.

Rowlands and her late husband, John, had a strong and impactful relationship in their personal and professional lives.


  • Gena Rowlands and John Cassavetes met while studying drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and married in 1954.
  • After John Cassavetes’ passing in 1989, Gena Rowlands found love again with Robert Forrest and married him in 2012.
  • Despite not having children with Robert, Gena has three children from her marriage with John, Zoe, Alexandra, and Nicholas.

The couple met while studying drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and married in 1954.

They collaborated on numerous films, with Rowlands often starring in movies directed by Cassavetes.

Their work includes critically acclaimed films such as “A Woman Under the Influence” and “Gloria.”

Everything was going well unless things turned tragic, and Gena’s husband, John, passed away from complications of cirrhosis of the liver at the age of 59 on February 3, 1989.

Gena Rowlands’ Happy Marriage with Robert Forrest: Over 12 Years of Togetherness

Gena Rowlands eventually found love again with Robert Forrest. She married him in 2012, nearly 23 years after John’s passing.

Robert Forrest, probably in his mid-90s, is a retired businessman and a longtime friend of Gena Rowlands and her late husband, John.

While details about his current activities and biography are not extensively documented, it is known that Gena and Robert have been happily together since their marriage.

Moreover, they have made several public appearances, including premieres for Rowlands’ films The Notebook and Hysterical Blindness.

Gena and Robert did not have children together, but Gena has three children—two daughters and a son—from her marriage with John Cassavetes.

Their children are Zoe Cassavetes (born June 29, 1970), Alexandra Cassavetes (born September 21, 1965), and Nicholas David Rowland Cassavetes (born May 21, 1959).

All three siblings are involved in the entertainment industry as actors and directors.

Additional Information

  • As of 2014, Gena Rowlands’ most recent film was the comedy-drama Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks. Her last television role was in an episode of NCIS in 2010.
  • On June 24, 2024, Gena’s son Nick disclosed that she has been battling Alzheimer’s disease for the past five years.
  • Gena Rowlands has collaborated with her late husband, actor-director John Cassavetes, in more than 10 films.
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